Combi USA Recalls 33,000+ Car Seats

Being a toddler blogger it is my business to bring you the best in children’s products, whether it’s fashion, accessories or gear. Having a car seat is an absolute necessity when it comes to car safety. I am always buckled in whenever we go traveling. When we heard of the Combi USA Car Seat recalls I decided to share it with my readers. After all, most of you do have small ones, or know someone with a small one. Maybe one of them is in a Combi USA Car Seat and doesn’t know. 


Combi USA is recalling more than 33,000 Coccoro, Zeus Turn and Zeus 360 car seats made before January 2013. According to the National Highway Traffic Safety Administration, the seat straps doesn’t meet minimum strength requirements. “In the event of a crash, a child may not remain adequately secured, increasing the risk of injury”. 

Zeus Turn & Zeus 360

Combi will notify registered owners and send out free harness replacement kits starting February 6. If you are a registered owner please contact Combi at 800-543-7734 or visit their website at

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