Dog Car Seats: Choosing The Best One For Your Furry Friends

Let us say you love traveling. Imagine seeing the sights, finding new places, meeting a lot of people. Now that is something. But the experience can be better if you take your furry pal with you to keep you company. Traveling with dogs and other pets is a decent idea in general. But things can get pretty messy – or ugly – if you don’t prepare. Your dog might jump around the car, causing mayhem inside the vehicle. This happening is dangerous and can cause accidents and injuries. So, how do you solve such a problem? You use dog car seats, of course. Not only do dog car seats secure your animal. But these devices can make your traveling a lot less stressful and safe. Let’s get into learning a thing or two about dog car seats. 

Choosing the best dog car seat

Dog Car Seats? Are They For Real?

Absolutely. We are sure that you are familiar with baby car seats. Heck, there are even seats for other animals, such as cats and reptiles. But we are not here to discuss all of them. We’ll only focus on dog car seats. Dog car seats, as the name suggests, are seats you install inside your vehicle for your dog. These seats offer comfort, security, and safety. These vehicular accessories also come in style and form. You are guessing that right. There is more than just one kind of dog car seat, such as the popular dog booster seats from Elitecarseats. We will get into that quickly.

Types Of Available Dog Car Seats

Numerous dogs of all sizes and forms are out in the world. So it is only natural that manufacturing companies and parties make more than one dog seat. Here are some of the dog car seats you can get and purchase for your furry friend.

  • Dog booster seat

This kind of dog seat is for that furry companion who loves gazing out the window during a drive. It is a seat that you can attach to your vehicle’s seatbelt mechanism. The item also has additional fittings that you can set up with a pet harness. It is multi-purpose, efficient, and not too extravagant.

  • Dog carriers

Now we know that a dog carrier is technically not a seat at all. But a dog carrier can get the job done like any seat at all. It works as a temporary animal enclosure that keeps your furry pal warm, safe, and sound. Plus, a dog carrier is portable and safe to use. And if your animal decides to do some business inside the enclosure, the item keeps the mess inside. That is less car cleaning for you to worry about for sure.

  • Bucket seats

From small to any size, these bucket seats are ideal for dogs and other animals who tend to snooze during a ride. Another feature of this kind of seat is that it keeps your animal comfortable, warm and most of all, calm. It has excellent safety features, sturdy, and a total breeze in the park to install.

How To Pick For The Best Seat For Your Dog

It does not just pick what you see and buy. There a couple of factors you have to consider when getting a dog seat for your well, dog. Check them out, and make sure you don’t miss any at all.

  • Seat safety features

Dozens and dozens of dog seats are out there for purchasing. Some dog seats come with cozy features and additional parts. Others have more aesthetic qualities. However, the most crucial factor in choosing a dog car seat is its safety feature. Nothing better comes first than your dog’s safety when you go traveling with one. Make sure that a dog seat is high-quality, safe to use, and is a passer of crash and durability tests. You can also opt to use harness systems. Harness systems are for dogs that are too heavy or big for regular car seats.

  • Ease of installation and use

You should check that the dog car seat you purchase is easy to use and install. These seats are quick to unfold and unpack, so taking them on trips or putting them away should not be an issue.

  • Comfort and size

We keep on emphasizing that you should make sure your animal pal is comfy and calm. You can achieve this aspect by making sure the dog seat is spacious and comfortable enough for your animal.

  • Maintenance

Just like most things you use, you have to clean and maintain the dog seat once it gets too dirty or messy to use. To save time and effort, pick a dog seat you can remove at any time. In addition, select a device that has machine-washable covers. Doing so will make the dog seat way faster to use every after washing and cleaning. 

  • Check for allergies

Just like us humans, dogs can become allergic to one or more materials. You have to take note if your dog is allergic to a material, especially one that finds its use in dog seats. Some seats might irritate your dog and make them uncomfortable. Go for hypoallergenic material seats.

Is It Okay To Purchase A Second-Hand Dog Seat?

No law states that you can’t get one. And we will not argue with you at all if you wish to pick a second-hand dog seat. However, these kinds of seats have been through a lot of usages. They tend to have damage and be accident-prone. You have to coordinate with the seller and get all the information you can have regarding the seat. Check everything about the dog seat before you spend your cash first.

All Good Things For Your Furry Companion

You don’t have to worry about your dog when you travel if you get the right car dog seat. Picking one that will make you and your dog comfortable and safe in the vehicle will make the experience better for everyone. 

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