Tips For Choosing The Right Subwoofer For Your Car

Car speakers are usually small and tend to produce low sounds which may not be to your liking. This could make you consider adding a subwoofer to improve your overall listening experience. Subwoofers are a model of speakers that produce good sound quality at low frequencies perfect for spaces like your car.

Choosing Right Subwoofer for Car

They also help give your music enough realism and depth that a car speaker might fail to give. There are many ways of adding a subwoofer into your car and this depends entirely on factors such as available space for the subwoofer, your taste and preference in music, and your budget.

When choosing the right subwoofer for your car you might need to consider the following factors:

  1. Does It Match Your Needs?

For a subwoofer to meet your expectations, you have to compartmentalize it to create a personalized style that matches your needs. You should consider picking the right component subs like the subwoofer box it will be mounted on to function effectively, power by an external amplifier. The size usually ranges from 8″ to 15″ depending on the space available for it. There are also different resistance and voice coil models from which you can choose to match your system setup. Choosing your subwoofer would be a good start before completing your setup.

  1. Does It Need A Mounting Box?

Another option to the component sub that needs a mounting box would be an enclosed sub that is already mounted into a box, but you still have to add an external amplifier. This reduces the work you would have done in designing and building a mounting box for your system. It may be a quick solution, but it limits you to the number of subwoofers you can mount onto your car and the different designs you would have chosen from if you chose to mount the subwoofer yourself. It also gives a less personalized experience since the outer compartment has already been selected for you.

  1. Available Space

If you want to save space and still get the simple bass system, getting a powered sub would work for you. The powered sub has the subwoofer and amplifier already combined inside an enclosure, click here to see the specifications. This means only one place is required for its installment, unlike the other subwoofer types that need two separate spaces for the subwoofer and the amplifier.

The bass from a powered subwoofer might however be moderate if you need a more powered bass, but the system is simpler to install and more convenient for smaller spaces and factory stereo systems.

  1. Blending With Your Interior

You might also consider choosing a subwoofer that blends with the interior of your car whether it is powered or unpowered. The right-colored subwoofer does not have to be the same color as your car’s interior as you can choose a different color that does not stand out, for instance, a gray subwoofer for a black interior.

 A right-sized subwoofer that does not take up much space is convenient to blend in with the car’s interior and still give you a great listening experience. Once you have defined the right woofer that meets your taste, you can check out their specific features before settling on the ideal subwoofer for you.

Some key features when selecting your subwoofer include:


When picking the right subwoofer, check out the RMS power ratings instead of peak power as RMS ratings detect for how long the subwoofer can handle the power generated by an amplifier continuously without burning out.


A subwoofer with a higher sensitivity requires less power to produce quality sound compared to a subwoofer with a lower sensitivity.

Type Of Enclosure

More enclosed boxes give a deeper and more resonate sound while bandpass and ported types produce more volume, and you can choose either depending on how you wish your sound to be projected.

Frequency Range

This helps you determine how low the subwoofer’s bass can go, but other factors like the enclosure type also detect the range of sound your subwoofer will produce.


2 Ohm subwoofers produce a lower frequency sound are usually preferred together with dual voice coil subwoofers although 4ohm subwoofers also produce quality sound.

Size Of The Subwoofer

Selecting the right-size subwoofer is influenced by power, sensitivity, type of enclosure, and available space for mounting the subwoofer.

Choosing Right Subwoofer for Car

Selecting the right subwoofer for your car depends on your taste in music, your budget, available space, and the key features that you consider perfect for the sound you required. It is quite an easy decision to make as there exists an endless variety from which you can choose.

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