Reasons to Lawyer Up After a Car Accident

Reasons to Lawyer Up After a Car Accident

After a traumatic car accident, many people are reluctant to driving, or even sitting in a car a long time after the accident has passed. But, unfortunately, that kind of stress is not the only thing a person encounters after such an event. Many legal things need to be solved, and people usually feel overwhelmed and do not what to do.

To make the whole process after an accident easier, there are a few things you can do. When it comes to the legal processes after a car accident, the best idea is to hire a lawyer. There are many reasons why you should do so, and in this article, we will talk about them. 

Who’s fault was it?

Proving who was at fault can sometimes be hard. Car accidents happen very fast, so, more often than not, not even the people who were in an accident remember everything. Even if you know it was not your fault, being your own lawyer is going to be difficult. This is especially the case if the other person hires a lawyer to defend their case. 

To bring justice to the courtroom, make sure you hire a good car accident lawyer. They are trained to find evidence and defend your case in the best way possible. You would be surprised by all the things a lawyer can find to defend their client. Of course, besides proving that the other person is in the wrong, your lawyer will be able to protect you. There will be many spurious claims the other party’s lawyer will throw your way. Again, they will have a stack of evidence that can help your attorney do that. 

You need someone who is knowledgeable about local laws

Since some laws differ from state to state, it is almost impossible to know the exact laws in a state, unless you are a trained professional. For example, if you live in Chicago, you will want to hire a car accident attorney who knows the local laws in Chicago. They will know their way around the courtroom, and what exactly they need to say and do to defend your case in the best way possible. Besides that, your lawyer will know about all the court filing deadlines. So you will not have to worry about missing one and not winning your case because of that. 

Determining the value of the damage

Even if you have all the evidence, it might be hard for you to find resources that can help you build the case. When you get a lawyer, they will have resources such as hiring accident reconstruction specialists to recreate the whole scene of the accident, as well as medical experts who can determine how serious your injury is. 

These things are important because you will not be able to get decent insurance compensation unless you have clear and valid proof. And since your medical bills, lost wages and car repairs can cost you a serious amount of money, it is crucial to have a lawyer who will make sure you will not have to waste any extra dollars out of your own pocket.

Going through the settlement process

After a car accident, you will need someone who knows everything about the settlement process. Insurance companies have people who negotiate insurance settlements every day.  This means they are trained to convince you they owe you less money. Of course, this is normal from their side, since they are trying to fight for the best interest of their company. This is why it is so important to find someone who can fight for your best interest.

Of course, these settlements will require you to give up certain rights. But, do not worry about this. Your attorney will explain everything and warn you about all the things you need to worry about. One of the most important ones is not accepting an inadequate amount of settlement. Even if your claim gets denied, your lawyer will be ready to fight until you get the settlement you want. In any case, be careful, since changing a settlement agreement is impossible once you have signed it.

Finding the right documentation 

We already mentioned how important it is to gather all of the right documents for your case. But, things are a lot more complicated than just collecting a few papers. When you are in an accident, you must go to a medical examination right away. This way, the doctor can clearly mark what physical and psychological issues appeared because of the accident. It is important to have all the police reports, pictures, as well as clear statements from the witnesses. Even though you might be able to get this documentation, you probably will not know every detail that is important for defending your case.

This is why getting a lawyer is so important. Not only will they know every detail that is important, but they will also tell you if you need to obtain any additional documents, or go to any additional medical examinations. Everyone you will be asking for compensation is going to try to avoid it. So, it is crucial that you have all the necessary documents that will not allow them to do so. 

They will save your mental health

Even though this is not something that most people think about, it might be one of the most important things in the whole process. The car accident alone carries a great level of stress, so the last thing you need is additional stress afterward. When you hire a lawyer, the stress of getting all the right documents and fighting other parties is not something you need to worry about. They will take all the punches and will support you all the way through. 

Reasons to Lawyer Up After a Car Accident

With knowing how to look out for injuries, negotiate with the insurance companies, and having in-depth knowledge about the law, your lawyer will be able to help you out with everything that you need after a car accident. If you choose to fight on your own, you will risk losing a lot of money and gaining some more stress on the way. Be sure to select a lawyer that will be driven and dedicated to finding the right resources for your case.

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