Buying Prescription Medication Online: The Benefits & How to Tackle the Risks

Buying Prescription Medication Online: The Benefits & How to Tackle the Risks

Given our busy lifestyles, shopping online is very convenient, and we all know it. With a few clicks, the process that could take us hours is done. And it’s not only groceries, clothes or gadgets, but even prescription medications and other pharmaceutical products can also be purchased on the internet too. In the past few years, many consumers in America are saving trips to the pharmacy by ordering prescription drugs from an online pharmacy. It’s becoming increasingly common due to the benefits the customers can enjoy, such as the following ones. 


When purchasing online prescriptions, you don’t need to leave the comfort of your home. This is very convenient and safer at the same time, especially when you’re not feeling so well and lack the energy to physically visit a pharmacy. With easier access to a wide variety of products, you can carefully check the range and place an order within seconds. Therefore, a busy schedule can no longer stop you from taking good care of your health. Online pharmacies also offer secure payment and fast delivery, as most of the online businesses. Besides, it’s convenient for older people, people with disabilities, or those who live far from the pharmacy.


Not only that this process saves you time, but it also can save you some money too. When visiting an online pharmacy, you don’t need to spend any money on gas or public transportation. Additionally, you are able to check the wide range of online pharmacies and look for the best deal. Depending on the amount of money you spend, the delivery can be free of charge in some cases.


When it comes to purchasing certain types of medical products in person, many people feel uncomfortable or shameful. A lot of times it makes them hesitant to consult the pharmacist or ask for a solution for any problem they are facing. But when purchasing from an e-pharmacy the customer can stay anonymous, getting a consultation via e-mail or a phone call. All the information stays discrete, and most of the pharmacies pack their products carefully, not revealing any content or details about the customer. With that being said, many people prefer to purchase certain prescription medication from an online pharmacyjust because of how private it is. 

Buying Prescription Medication Online: The Benefits & How to Tackle the Risks


Now, buying prescription medication online may sound appealing, but the truth is it could have some serious risk to your health. And possibly to your pocket, too. First of all, always consult your doctor or pharmacist before purchasing medicines online. Some medicines are available only on prescription and that’s why a healthcare professional needs to check and offer further advice. 

Next, make sure to buy meds only from an American based company that’s completely legal and safe. While many online pharmacies are legitimate businesses, there are also many that are not. Some are fake websites, selling poor quality medicines, and out to steal your money. Since it’s not always simple and easy to recognize them, the following are some tips that can help.


A legitimate pharmacy site would always show a real physical address, an e-mail address, and a working phone number. And before issuing prescription medication, they will always ask for a valid prescription from a doctor or a health professional.

If the website you’re looking at provides prescription drugs without requesting a valid prescription, then it’s breaking the law. It’s highly risky to purchase from sites like this. Also, make sure that they offer the option to consult a professional pharmacist. Ordering an unfamiliar medicine online without talking to a pharmacist or a healthcare provider, might put you at risk of getting the wrong medicine for your problem. The wrong medicine can interact with other medicines you’re using and can cause unwanted side effects.


In case you plan to buy prescription pills from overseas websites, keep in mind that they are not regulated by the Federal Drug Administration (FDA) and their products may not comply with American safety and quality standards. Plus, the medication might be prohibited from entering the country. Unless you already have permission, you can check the list of drugs that can be imported into America, and approved by the FDA.

Ordering medicines overseas carries some risks and you might get a product that contains no active ingredients, or containing the wrong amount of it. Also, it may be contaminated with toxic substances or past the use-by date. So, be extra careful.

Buying Prescription Medication Online: The Benefits & How to Tackle the Risks


When the prices offered are a lot cheaper than expected, or the site claims are that the medicines are “miracle makers”, it’s better to skip the purchase. Most likely some of the products are unsafe and are not legally available in America.


It seems easy to find information about a certain medicine from so many different sources, especially on the internet. But it’s hard to tell which one is right or not. Many sites may describe their medical products in a detailed way, but not always reliable. You should only trust the information that’s based on medical evidence, updated and relevant to your condition.

Consumer medicine information (CMI) is providing all the necessary information to consumers about prescriptions and pharmacist-only medicines and what to know before, during and after taking the medicine. You can use the Medicine Finder to track a certain medication down. By being thoroughly informed, you will know how to use the medication safely and what are its side effects and possible interactions.


Doctors can now prescribe medications for many ailments online, like anxiety, panic attack, vertigo, depression, flu, diarrhea, sinus infections, or asthma. Patients are getting used to the idea of online consultations and doctors are becoming more experienced in writing suitable medical prescriptions online. As medical consultation starts taking place online, the number of online prescriptions will also increase. And this is already evident by the rapidly growing number of pharmacies online. This means that consumers will get a more varied range to choose from, meaning the prices are likely to drop even more. 

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