Carport Design Ideas That Are Budget-Friendly

If you are considering the idea of building a carport on your property, you’ve come to the right place. They are a great way to protect your car from the elements and can double as a stylish addition to your home. The best part is that they are usually relatively inexpensive options, especially when compared to building an add-on full garage. Here are a few budget-friendly carport ideas.

The Simplest Solution

The simplest option is usually the quickest and most cost-effective option out there. Carports that are made of wood, metal, or come from DIY erect carport kitsets can be taken on as a quick project that can be finished in a day or two, or a matter of hours. The finished carport typically has an industrial look to it. They are a really simple and affordable way to erect a carport structure, and their simplicity makes them really easy to maintain. They are a great way to get the job done in no time at all so that your car can be protected from the elements sooner rather than later. They also don’t come with the mess that other more intense solutions do.

Mix it Up

Using a variety of materials to build your carport could suit your general home aesthetic more than other designs might. If you want to make your carport a bit of a showpiece, this is exactly what you need. Using mixed materials adds texture and gives these usually boring additions to the home more dimension. You can use contrasting materials like wood and metal together to create a piece that is of significant visual interest. If you don’t like the idea of contrasting materials, but you do like the idea of texture and contrast, why not mix it up a different way with the use of colorful brick? Use bricks that are of different colors and textures to add that “something else” that you feel your home needs. You could even mix things up by doing something creative with the floor.

Classic Detached

When you think of a carport, most people have the idea of a classic detached design in mind. There’s nothing wrong with that. Going for a classic design means that it focuses purely on protection and keeping everyone happy. With the focus being protection and that they are useful for their intended purpose, they aren’t necessarily the prettiest, but they get the job done. They are pretty basic, but usually quite sturdy. These are often made from heavy-duty steel for the frame and are topped with sheet metal or plastic roofing panels.

The Double Carport

If you need a little more coverage, go for a double. A double carport is great for homes that have more than one car that needs protecting. Don’t think that one carport and one car cover will do the job. More is less. The more protection you have for your cars, the less likely you are to incur damage relating to the elements.

Contemporary Designs

If you want to go for something a little more contemporary, that’s an option, too. Simple designs made with a combination of sleek lines can add a subtle air of elegance to your home. Contemporary carport designs are usually covered in minimal décor and have a neutral color palette. They are made up of bare surfaces and have high ceilings to give the feeling of even more openness in this protective space. They are made from a variety of materials but are often in a concrete finish for that sleek, modern feel.

Luxurious Cedar

Cedar-framed carports have a homey yet luxurious feeling to them. The modern-rustic design framed by these cedar beams adds tons of character to any home. It introduces these feelings of grandeur to any carport. When using cedar, you can add a variety of features as well as accents that can make it look more modern if you don’t like the more natural look. You can paint it, stain it a different color, or add bold fittings to elevate it even further. It is entirely up to you and your personal preference. You can even switch things up and add a nice slant to the roof, making it more weather-appropriate.

In Conclusion

Carports don’t have to be boring. They are a great alternative to a garage and there are tons of ways you can spruce up a carport. You can build something from scratch to suit your aesthetic for a very reasonable price. This is definitely something you should consider quite seriously.

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