Bluum 28 Month Old Box – May 2014

Its Bluum time and I did promise when I posted my Citrus Lane box that this was coming. Today is a special day. The day I share my subscription boxes with you. The last time I reviewed my Bluum box I mentioned that Bluum and Stork Stack (another subscription company) was joining forces. That merger has since taken place so this is my first combined box. I was super excited to see what I was going to receive this month. You can check out my 27 month old box from last month. A Bluum membership is only $24.95 and goes up to age 5 so I have a few more years to go to receive their box. They do start off from pregnancy so mommies can enjoy a box for themselves as well. The boxes are packed based on your little ones age, gender and developmental stage but sometimes I get items that are so not for me. Well without further ado lets check out my 28 month old box together! 

There is no card sent with Bluum letting you know what you receive when you get your box. This is done digitally but mommy likes to not read it and let it be a surprise which works out for me.

When I opened my box I was surprised to see a few cards in there for products that I already liked. This seems like it was going to be a great box after all. Maybe the merger was actually a really great idea. Come enjoy my box with me. Here’s what I got!

Angie’s – Boom Chicka Pop – Sea Salt Popcorn – $1.39

Sometimes hunger jumps at you and all of a sudden – POP – you’re starving! This Sea Salt Popcorn from Angie’s is the perfect snack. 

While these tasted pretty good they weren’t something that I’m super impressed with and probably wouldn’t buy them. The tasted kinda dry without any flavor but I did enjoy them.

Banz – Banz Kidz – Silver Damask – $17.00

The sun is shining bright these days, and protecting your little one’s sensitive eyes is seen as just as important as protecting their skin. 

I love Banz! I have quite a few of their sunglasses and this is another to add to my collection. Sunglasses aren’t only for the summer but can be worn all year round. With it comes to sun protection you do need to worry about your little one’s eyes as well and not only think about sunscreen and clothing protection. I’m so happy Bluum decided to send me another one.

Bitsy’s Brainfood – Alphabet Smartsnacks – Zucchini Gingerbread Carrot Cookie – $3.90

On the go nutrition is always tough to tackle, but with Bitsy’s Brainfood, it’s easy! These delicious and nutritious snacks are perfect for long car rides, or packed lunches – and with wholesome, organic ingredients like carrot and zucchini, you can be sure that they are getting the good stuff they need, too!

I love these Bitsy’s Brainfoods. I have gotten quite a few of them over the past couple of months and I always enjoy eating them. They don’t last long once I see them. They are really pretty good and I would suggest getting them as snacks for your little ones.

Purple Prarie Botanicals – Sunstick – $9.99

Sun protection is important as your little one spends more and more time outside. Make the application of the always important sunscreen a breeze with this organic sun stick by Purple Prairie Botanicals. 

This is great that Bluum sent me a product from Purple Prairie because I currently use one of their products that you will be seeing shortly in a review. This is one that I plan on using very soon. When it comes to sunscreen protection mommy likes the organic products and Purple Prairie is a great brand.

Flap Happy – Girls Summer Hats – Size XL – $19.00

Basking in the sun might seem like a good idea, now that the weather is so much nicer, but protection from the sun’s strong rays is vital for your little one’s noggin, along with their neck and shoulders. Flap Happy designs their headwear with your daughter’s safety in mind – so you can keep on playing, and forget about the worrying. 

I am so loving this BIG hat. I love the protection that this offers and the colors are so pretty as well. I can’t wait to wear this outside when I get on my swing. This is going to get lots of wear this spring and summer!

The total of my Bluum Box this month was $51.28, that is double what I pay for my boxes. That was such an amazing deal this month. While I did love what I received this month I would preferred not to get so much snacks. One snack is more than enough. How about a book next time Bluum? Bluum boxes are usually $24.99 a month and if you would love to sign up for your first box, you can sign up using my referral link. If you do get a box, you can post a pic to either Facebook, Pinterest or Instagram and tag #bluumbox for a chance to win a free month. Give them a try, you just may love it!

Disclosure: This post contains referral links!

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