Blog Update – What’s Been Going On

This is Madison’s mommy and I think I owe an explanation as to what’s been going on lately. As a few of you may know we took a trip to the Caribbean in the middle of December to visit my mother who is terminally ill. Well we got back at the start of the year and placed everything on hold. All blog posts, all reviews, everything!


Well knowing that you’re losing a mother isn’t something that I was able to handle well. Depression set in and let’s just say that I’m not able to handle depression well either. Depression is not a topic that I’m going to go into since I’m not an expert on the topic, but I do know that it took a stint in the hospital for me to realize that I needed a break to take care of myself before I take care of everyone else. If I’m not feeling well then my blog is going to suffer. If I’m not able to produce the work that I’m accustomed to producing, then my work is going to be mediocre and I hate doing anything mediocre.


Well, I’ve decided that I’m going to be taking Growing Up Madison in a whole new direction for 2015. While we focused a lot on reviews/giveaways in 2014 I want to steer away from doing too much of them in 2015. Everything we did, we did because we believed in the product and that will remain the same. We are not going to promote a product that we don’t believe in. Blog posts will also be a bit more personal as well. We will still focus on our parenting help posts with the occasional recipes etc and the occasional giveaway that I think you my readers will be interested in. We want to focus more on content and not on fluff.

Also this year there will be no weekend posts either. I want to take that time to focus on my family. Kids grow up so quickly that before you know it you’re wondering where did the time go. I want my kids to remember all the fun times we had on the weekends. So with that being said…

I hope that you will stick around with us because we’ll be returning very soon.

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