Blog Update 101

You may have noticed that I’ve taken a slight break from writing and publishing.

Blog Update 101

While my team is still working on the backend, I’ve decided to revamp the website a bit, starting with the way we publish articles. We normally publish 3-5 articles daily, but that’s going to change.

With the new Google update, which saw a drop in our stats (not significant but still a decrease), we’ve decided to cut back on our publishing, dedicating days to certain articles, such as Fridays, which will be primarily dedicated to travel. We’ve also decided to reintroduce our easy crafts and even easier family recipes, as it’s something that did well here on the site.

Our focus has primarily been family-travel related and we want to refocus on that as well.

We publish so many articles monthly that many have been “lost in translation”. We want to refocus on higher-quality articles that bring value to the website and our dedicated readers.

So stay tuned..

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