Best Tips for Buying a Hair Straightener

With so many hair straighteners in the market to choose from, it is not easy to buy one of the racks. In fact, the process of buying a hair straightener calls for in-depth research as you are dealing with something as delicate as your hair. Although many brands are popular, GHD hair straighteners stand out in terms of their quality, performance, and results. 

But as we said, it all comes down to doing plenty of legwork to find the perfect match for your hair. So, here are the best tips to help you get started:

Tips for Buying a Hair Straightener

Keep Your Hair Type in Consideration

For women that have tight curls, they will need a straightener with wider plates. This is because tight curls are hard to manage. However, narrow plates are feasible for short, fine, or wavy hair. This is because it is easier to manage. 

The general rule of thumb is:

  • Short hair—2.5cm to 3cm width plates
  • Medium hair—3cm to 4cm width plates
  • Long and thick hair—6cm wide plates 

Check Temperature Setting

If you think the hotter a straightener can get, the better it is, then that is not right. This is because high temperatures can damage your hair badly. Therefore, if you have fine hair, it is best to pick a straightening tool with multiple heat setting arrangements. For fine hair, not much heat is needed as it can be easily straightened without extra effort.  

Choose the Plates Wisely

When it comes to plates of a hair straightener, titanium plates are best for looking for something lightweight and durable. On the other hand, ceramic coated plates are better for thick hair. Ceramic coated plates heat up fast. 

They are considered great all-rounders. They offer value and effectiveness and are suitable for almost all hair textures. However, we nonetheless recommend titanium plates as they transfer heat evenly. 

Likewise, tourmaline plates are excellent for ladies with damaged hair. Tourmaline plates produce negative ions more as compared to positive ions. These plates are designed to lower static and ensure that they result in less frizz. 

Know the Purpose

There are several types of hair straighteners in the market, such as small and handy, cordless, and wire. If you love to travel, then a small, compact, and cordless straightener is your best bet. A small one is feasible for straightening out your fringes. However, it may not be convenient to carry a small one if you have coarse hair. For coarse hair, a bigger straightener is a better choice. 

Sensor Technology and Automatic Shut-off 

Some hair straighteners also feature sensor technology. This advanced feature consistently diagnoses the hair and automatically regulates the heat in the plates. Hence, it keeps your hair well-protected from heat damage while giving you the best results. 

Likewise, some straighteners come with the automatic shut-off feature. This feature ensures the straightener turns off automatically after the desired time is reached. This prevents any overheating and scorching.

Quality, Quality and Quality

You may be tempted to invest in a cheap hair straightener as it is affordable in the pocket, but it is definitely not the best decision. As you are buying it for your hair and stylizing them regularly, you need a tool of the highest quality. 

Put simply, the quality of a hair straightener is something you can’t compromise on. Therefore, we’d suggest you invest in the best straightener. Save up and do your legwork to find a good straightener for your hair that helps you create the best looks. Quality should always be a top priority. 

Besides the results, investing in a cheaper tool is never a good decision because such devices break down rapidly and damage the heat with an unequal supply of heat. However, when you invest your money in a good product, you can be confident of the quality, and rest assured that it will last for years to come and do less damage to your hair. 

hair straightener

Now that you know the best tips about buying a hair straightener, we advise you to keep these tips and information in consideration when making your selection. A high-quality straightening tool is a great investment for those who want to pull off a fabulous look regularly and make a strong style statement. 

So, do some legwork and compare your choices and features of different hair straighteners in the market before you make a final decision. You can also ask friends around for advice. Start your search for the best straightener today and use the tips mentioned to make sure you make the perfect choice.

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