Be Girlie With Girlie Glue

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If you have ever seen any
of my baby photos, you may know that I was born with a head full of hair. I’ve
always had lots of hair for mommy to make look pretty. Unlike a few of my
friends who were born bald I guess I got lucky. Making me look like a little
girl has never been a problem. Well what about those babies who don’t have as
much hair as I do? Have you ever been stopped with your little girl and been
told “what a handsome little boy”. Mommy had the opposite done when my
big brother Kyle was a baby. He kept getting mistaken for a little girl even
though he wore blue. He still looks like a girl to me. A company that wants to solve the problem of identification, contacted mommy and me. Introducing Girlie Glue. Now your little girls can look like girls.

Now I’m going to be honest
with you. Mommy really had to think twice about doing this review. First mommy
wasn’t sure about gluing anything to my hair. Was this safe? Would it pull my
hair out since I already had hair? Lots of questions and all answered before
mommy said yes.

  • Girlie
     is made with Agave nectar and other all-natural ingredients. It is
    safe, 100% Honey-Free and washes away
    easily with water.

Mommy tried it on my hair
and it actually stuck. All it took was just a tiny bit. Now the test would be having it stay and for how long.
Lets just say that it stayed stuck until I decided that I wanted to take it out
myself by pulling it off, approximately 6 hours. Now I think that it would have lasted all day if I wasn’t interested in seeing it up close and personal. Know the best thing about me pulling it out? There was no hair attached to it when I did that. What about the glue that was left over in my hair? Well that was really easy to come off. With a warm washcloth mommy was
able to get it all off. It was that easy! This is such a great alternative to what
mommy was using before. Mommy liked to use rubber bands to keep my hair
together. Rubber bands though tend to pull my hair when mommy takes them out.
Now with Girlie Glue my hair can stay put together and look great when it’s
done as well.

We also decided to get a little creative with our Girlie Glue. My ears as you may have noticed from my many photos aren’t
pierced. Mommy wants me to make that decision of whether I want my ear pierced
when I’m older. My big sister on the other hand has her ears pierced and wears
earrings and I’m always pointing at her ears. Well this is such a great
alternative to having my ears pierced. Mommy was able to put a little of the
glue on the hair accessory and place it on my ear. Instant ear gratification!
Don’t I look cute? With so many options available with Girlie Glue it’s all up to you and
your imagination. 

I am really in love with Girlie Glue. They’ve made a believer out of mommy and me as well. We wished we had known about them when I was younger. Back then I wore headbands that sometimes looked tight. I also wore hair accessories that pulled my hair tight and left hair bumps as well. This definitely solves all that. No more hair pulling, a simple and easy to wash off glue is all that it takes. I have to give Girlie Glue my TWO TINY THUMBS UP! 

Check out this cute commercial from Girlie Glue. It will make you smile like it did mommy and me! 

Girlie Glue can be found in select stores nationwide or you can order on their website where 2 day shipping is an option. 

Here are the ways to connect with Girlie Glue:

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