Alternative Ways to Celebrate Halloween ~ #LuigisMansion #3DS 🍄

Madison is at an age where she enjoys dressing up, but trick or treating, not so much, although she does love eating candy. While Halloween can be a lot of fun, many children would prefer not to have the scares, and would instead enjoy doing something a bit different. How about a game night with Luigi’s Mansion on the Nintendo DS?

This post is written in collaboration with Nintendo. However, all opinions are mine alone.

I remember the days of playing Luigi’s Mansion on the Nintendo Gamecube many years ago. It was one of our family favorites, and we would all take turns to play. Now, just in time for Halloween, Luigi is back in the portable version of the popular classic, the Luigi’s Mansion game. However, this new and spooky version is now available for the Nintendo 3DS family of systems!

Enter the haunted mansion if you dare and help Luigi survive and rescue Mario by solving some petrifying puzzles and suck up all the spooky spirits in his Poltergust 3000! And, for the first time, a two-player mode has been added to Luigi’s Mansion so you can team up and take on the ghosts together!

But what other ways can you celebrate Halloween? Here are three different creative ways!


There’s nothing better than gathering friends together and having fun. Invite your family and friends, and have everyone carve a pumpkin. Or for the little ones, have them decorate a pumpkin. After all, pumpkins don’t always have to be scary. Bring out the stencils, and glitter, and have some fun. Don’t forget the snacks!


Don’t force the kids to go outdoors trick-or-treating for candy if they don’t want to, instead bring out the movies, the board or video games, and have a blast. There are a few fun classic movies that we watch as a family together, just as there are games. Games such as Mario Kart are always a hit to play with family. And if you’re up for a few fun scares, then Luigi’s Mansion should undoubtedly be on the list.


If you would love to forgo the candy altogether and not have to worry about the sugar rush, then get the kids in the kitchen and bake some goodies. You can do candied apples, Halloween shaped cookies, cupcakes, and if you would prefer something a bit healthier, you can even opt for some muffins.

No matter how you decide to celebrate your Halloween, don’t forget to pick up a copy of Luigi’s Mansion now available in stores!

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