9 Simple Ways To Reduce Your Carbon Footprint

We all share the responsibility to reduce our carbon footprint and become more mindful about our relationship with this incredible planet we call home. It’s become way more apparent and relevant in recent years as to why we all need to change the way we do things, and it is now a global effort that’s been undertaken to protect the world and the prosperity of future generations.

Maybe you’ve needed a bit more convincing and it’s finally dawned on you that you too can play an important role in reducing our carbon footprint and safeguarding the planet, but there is always room for improvement in every area of life so we have put together some advice for you that you can incorporate into your everyday life.

1. Recycle

The world has moved in such a positive direction with recycling and eliminating single-use plastic or materials. The advantage of recycling is the simple fact that your usage isn’t the last one and it can be used again either for the same purpose or transformed into a whole new product. This means there is less one-use plastic out there in the world which is hard to break down and gets thrown away into nature, causing damage to animals and the environment.

2. Switch To One-Use Bottles

Lots of people are making the switch to metal bottles. An Iron Flask is a great option to have as it doubles up as both a flask for hot drinks but also keeps your cold liquids cool. By investing in a metal flask or bottle you won’t be engaging in the purchasing of plastic bottles and adding to the growing issue we are seeing. Plastic is stacking up around the globe and considering how long it takes to destroy it and the cost to get rid of it, we need to stop producing and using it where we can.

3. Walk Or Cycle

Not only are the health benefits obvious from choosing to exercise by walking or cycling to your destination, but skipping the car option even just a couple of times a week will lower your own personal carbon emissions and make your contribution to the cause.

4. Car Share

If you do need to drive to your destination, maybe for work, then you could try carpooling with others so that only one car makes the journey each time as opposed to two. Perhaps you’re traveling to work and a colleague lives nearby, so reach out to them and explain you are trying to reduce your carbon footprint and how they can be involved too.

5. Choose Green Companies

We are now becoming more mindful of which companies perform certain ways and the processes they use to manufacture their goods or provide their services. Most companies are open about how they operate these days so a quick check into how they do things should give you certainty about the ones you would like to support. Maybe choosing a company that invests in greener technology or supports green charities could be a good option.

6. Conserve Water

Water is one of the most precious assets we have and some people are dying due to a lack of it. We should never underestimate how important water is and overusing it should be frowned upon. You can play your part by doing simple things like turning the tap off when brushing your teeth or having shorter showers. 

7. Switch To Sustainable Energy

Rather than keep investing in the expensive and costly energy that isn’t clean, you could start thinking about making adjustments in your life and environment. You could try getting solar panels installed in your garden or on your roof, getting into the process of becoming self-sufficient and powering your life through sustainable, natural energy.

8. Choose Organic

Organic companies and sources have made it their mission for their whole process to be eco-friendly with an aim to reduce our global carbon footprint. Buying organic gives you the confidence you are contributing to the cause and not financially supporting companies that use too much plastic or engage in activities that have negative effects on our carbon footprint.

9. Buy Fewer Things

This sounds simple but could be an easy adjustment. If you think about how much our culture has shifted towards consumerism and buying unnecessary things that can’t be thrown away due to their materials, you will and probably should change your own habits and play your part.

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