All You Need to Know About Tea Infusers

All You Need to Know About Tea Infusers

 As more and more people realize that widely beloved for their convenience tea bags, in fact, contain low-quality tea that hardly can provide health and other benefits, tea infusers become a hot topic. Even though those useful tools are nothing new, it seems that the choice has never been so rich and diverse, ranging from unpretentious strainers to sophisticated mugs that come in all conceivable and inconceivable shapes. 

But which of them really serve the purpose and help make the best of the precious tea leaves? Below is a comprehensive guide on tea infusers available in the market, and rest assured, it contains everything you need to know about in order to enjoy the quality and delicious tea.

All You Need to Know About Tea Infusers


Perhaps the oldest and definitely the most unpretentious tool, a tea strainer is still among the best providers of a nice cup of tea. Indeed, it has plenty of pros being cheap, incredibly easy to use, and even easier to clean. If you have a special tea mug with a lid, a tea strainer can do a great job, of course, if it’s deep enough letting the water cover the leaves entirely. However, it’s hard to name strainers an ideal solution, especially when you are trying to brew your perfect cup of tea in an open mug. 


Nowadays, those come in a myriad of shapes, sizes, and designs. Made from different materials, from ceramic and glass to stainless steel, they also feature different types of strainers, and some of them are truly great when it comes to brewing tea. To become well-versed on the topic and dive into the nitty-gritty of tea infuser mugs, one should set aside a couple of minutes to read a helpful article that explains all the important details. Do you need a product suitable for the dishwasher? Are you going to use small- or large-size leaves? Believe it or not, there is much more to choosing your perfect mug than just color and design!


If for some reason, you do not want an infuser mug, giving preference to your beloved cup, you still have plenty of options to brew a great tea. We bet you’ve seen tea spoons hundreds of times, if anything, every hotel has them at breakfast. They are pretty convenient to use, you just pick up the right amount of tea, immerse the spoon into water, and wait for a couple of minutes, stirring with the help of the long handle. Would it be great to have such a tea spoon at home? Well, you can do better because frankly speaking, those spoons are a bit too small for providing enough space for leaves to steep. 

All You Need to Know About Tea Infusers


The sieve-like ball with a chain attached to it is another frequently seen type of infuser. Perhaps it has its own virtues but it’s safe to say, tea balls are the least convenient variant as they are tricky to handle when hot, produce a lot of mess, and you have to mind where to store them. As for us, those are to be avoided unless you want to spice up your drink with the metal chain.


Similar to a tea ball, a tea egg has a chain but just as its name suggests, comes in the shape of an egg. If the size of the egg is large enough to let the leaves steep fully, it can yield you a nice cup of tea. However, the chain thing is still here, so again, you can find a better solution for everyday use. 


At first glance, a tea tong may not seem like a great invention but tea buffs worth their salt swear it is one of the best tools they have ever tried. You can find them in three different sizes, meaning you can get one for small-, medium-, and large-size leaves if you need. They are easy to handle, relatively mess-free, and, what’s most important, they do work really well, letting leaves steep entirely while you are stirring your perfect beverage. Needless to say, they are also very affordable and can serve you for a long time. 

All You Need to Know About Tea Infusers

We have covered the most widespread tea infusers but, of course, the market also offers some innovative variations. Chances are you have seen one of those sweet little things – a fancy tea infuser in the shape of a cute animal or a funny man. Indeed, who can resist such a wonder? Well, perhaps someone who wants to brew good tea! When choosing an infuser, keep in mind that the quality of tea you drink is what really matters.

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