7 Things to do in Costa Maya, Mexico ~ #CruiseNorwegian


I recently shared our eight things to do in eight hours in Honduras and Belize. However, when it comes to visiting Costa Maya, Mexico, it’s quite impossible to do.

While on our Western Caribbean cruise with Norwegian Cruise Line, one of our port of call was Costa Maya, Mexico. Once again there was an eight-hour window to sight-see and engage in the activities that Costa Maya had to offer.

After doing as much as we could in the other countries, we decided to pass on most of the activities offered in Costa Maya and make it a chill day, mostly because we were also exhausted after our day spent in Belize. Most of the excursions offered were also offered on the other islands such as Paddleboarding. For our day in Costa Maya, Mexico, we woke up late, had a late breakfast and disembarked much later than usual. However, Costa Maya did not disappoint.

Here are a few activities that you can partake in, while in Costa Maya. I decided to put the time it takes to do each experience so you can plan your activities accordingly.

ATV Jungle/Beach Adventure (5hrs)

My husband regretted spending so much time in Belize and being worn out the next day; because he wanted to do this and I encouraged him to do so, but you have to be fast to sign up, as reservations fill up very quickly. You also need to be 18 to indulge in this adventure and 21 to drink alcohol. You get to ride off-road and discover hidden trails. After, you’ll head to a beach club where there are an open bar and a buffet restaurant. For those who aren’t as adventurous, there’s a similar Dune Buggy adventure.

Dolphin Encounter (1 ½hrs)

One of the experiences offered by Norwegian is a Dolphin Encounter, and while it was one I wanted to do, I had to forgo it, unfortunately. Not only can you interact with the dolphins but you can also swim along with them, or have them take you for a ride. If you happen to miss this opportunity, it is open so you can view others experiencing it for themselves.

Glass Bottom Boat (2 ½hrs)

In the fishing village of Mahahual, you’ll board a glass bottom boat where you’ll get to take in the spectacular view of a tropical coral reef. With Costa Maya being the home of the 2nd most extensive coral reef system in the world, you’ll be able to view not only the reef formations but tropical fishes as well.  This excursion also includes a snorkeling adventure for those wanting to get below.

Snorkle (4hrs)

Everyone is always surprised when I tell them that I cannot swim. The first thing that they say when hearing that is “but you’re from the Caribbean,” and while they’re 100% correct, and I would visit the beach every weekend, swimming was not on the agenda. For this excursion, you need to be at least 12 years of age, and we were told that sea life is abundant in the clear waters of Mexico.

Take a Tour of Costa Maya (2hrs)

I tried taking a tour of each island that we visited. It’s great to see how other cultures live and Costa Maya didn’t disappoint. This tour also includes complimentary water, which was very much appreciated, because Costa Maya in the summer is HOT! The guides all speak English, although the native language is Spanish. We got to see the fishing villages but beware of the smell; it DOES NOT smell good.

Visit The Mayan Ruins (4 – 6 ½hrs)

Visiting the ruins can take a tremendous amount of time depending on what you want to do while there. There are three different versions of the excursion you anticipate doing.  You’ll have a guide who talk to you about the Mayan culture and even “share some of their secrets.”  There is no age limit, and the tour does include complimentary beverages.

Shopping (As long as you want)

With tons of vendors offering you their wares, there’s no shortage of  Costa Mayan goodies, and if you don’t like the price, wait a few minutes, they’ll negotiate with you. From clothing, sombreros, specialty soaps, ceramics, leather bags and even musical instruments such as the ukelele, Costa Maya has it all.

There’s an abundance of activities to do in Costa Maya such as the Jeep Safari, Segway Adventure, and Catamaran Cruise. With so much to do in Costa Maya, another trip may be in our future.

Stay tuned as we share what you can also do in Cozumel, Mexico.

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