7 Home Items You Need to Clean Regularly

House cleaning is something that people mostly see as a significant burden. The dust comes back practically in a day, and windows get dirty after one morning of dew. Unfortunately, those are only the necessary chores you pay attention to.

We often neglect some areas of the home in order to get everything done quickly. Usually, those are the parts that we forget about quite consciously believing that it will take too much of our time. However, that might not be the case as we are about to show you.


Laundering your bed sheets at least once a week is something you already do, but what about the comforters, blankets, and pillows? Mites are part of our lives no matter how much washing we do. But when we do no laundry at all, they can cause allergies to the very least.

Not to mention that we sweat and these items are pretty good at absorbing it. So, wash them every 3 – 6 months, depending on the season. It’s effortless since you’ll be throwing them in the washer and then in the dryer with a couple of tennis balls for better fluffiness. Alternatively, take them to the dry cleaners if you are afraid you’ll ruin them or don’t have the conditions to wash them yourself.

When it comes to the bed, hire a cleaning service that will come and perform in-depth cleaning with non-toxic agents. This will draw out all the piled up dirt and prolong the shelf life of your bed, as well.


Light switches and door knobs are those small things that you tend to forget easily while cleaning the house. However, if you use the cleaning list, put them there on your weekly schedule. These are the items in the home that collect dust and dirt from hands. Moreover, the grime becomes visible over time even if you have black light switches.


It’s a misconception that towels should be washed once a week when in truth you should change them daily or every three days at least. Consider them as a perfect breeding ground for bacteria and fungi, that can cause skin rashes and other more serious conditions.

Hand and face towels should be changed daily since they are used numerously during the day. Others you can change at least twice a week to prevent mildew and stale-water smell.


It’s not enough just to vacuum it, you will have to wash it as well. While it’s suggested to vacuum it every day, the chances are you don’t have the time to do it so often. But, there is a rule that you should clean the carpet as many times a week as there are inhabitants in the house.

However, taking it to the cleaners once a month and even twice will be useful, too. Just make sure that they know how to handle your carpet and wash it in the right way to avoid damaging it.


The dishwasher is generally neglected since you believe that besides washing the dishes it also cleans itself. But, pieces of food can get stuck there and then start to create a perfect space for germs to breed and pile up. First, clean the drain and filters since they tend to get clogged with stuck pieces of debris. And then, add white vinegar, some baking soda and run the hottest cycle.

This will eliminate not only the germs but also grease, limescale and detergent residues. Perform this once a month or even twice if you use it a lot. 


When the days are hot, an air conditioner is a life saver. However, people usually forget that it also gets dirty and needs cleaning. Especially since the cold air coming out of it is something you will breathe in for several hours.

There are many health conditions connected to the bad air from the unit, but that is something easily prevented with regular ac maintenance.  Do the in-depth cleaning once a year, and then clean the filters and unit’s exterior every month.


A refrigerator is also an appliance that requires your frequent attention. Clean it on a weekly basis by removing fruits and vegetables that are stored there too long, check the expiration date on the products and wipe the shelves.

However, once a month you should turn it off, remove everything from it, let it unfreeze, wash the shelves underwater with detergent and then clean the inside of the fridge. You can use organic disinfectant like the mixture of white vinegar and baking soda.


There are many other items in your home that will need cleaning at least monthly and as frequent as once a week, like remote controls or bathroom rugs. These are all additional items on your already full cleaning list, but the benefits are worth extra minutes you will dedicate to them. In the end, having a clean house is good for the physical and mental health, so you’ll be doing something nice for yourself as well.

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