5 Tricks To Make A Small Room Feel Spacious

When decorating a small room, there are many tricks you can use to make the room feel bigger. This could help the room to feel airier and more comfortable. Below are just five tricks for making a room feel more spacious.

Make A Small Room Feel Spacious

Put furniture on legs

Creating a lot of visible floor space within a room can help it to look bigger. Creating walkways and not using rugs is one way to do this. Another way to create more visible floor space could be to put furniture on legs. This could include opting for a sofa with legs in a tiny living room or a bed with legs in a tiny bedroom. Even though the floor space beneath this furniture isn’t usable, it will feel as if you’ve got more floor space to walk around on simply because more of it is visible. 

Make use of mirrors

Mirrors are a great way to make a room feel bigger as they create an extra sense of depth. A large wall mirror in a tiny bathroom can make it feel twice as big. A mirrored wardrobe could meanwhile make a small bedroom feel bigger. There are lots of cool ways to use mirrors – you can buy mirrored bedside tables and bathroom cabinets for multi-functionality or you can hang multiple small mirrors on one wall to give it the effect of one large mirror. Avoid using too many mirrors in your home so that it doesn’t feel like a mirror maze. 

Opt for low furniture

If you want a low ceilinged room to feel taller, one easy trick is to use low furniture. This could include using a low bed in a converted attic with a sloped roof or a low sofa in a low-ceilinged living room. Make sure that other furniture such as your TV or bedside cabinets are also at the same height – avoid putting low furniture next to tall furniture as it will only emphasize how low the furniture is. 

Use stripes

Stripes naturally make your eye move in a certain direction. Vertical stripes on a wall can make you look up and down and can sometimes create the illusion of making a room feel taller (especially narrow stripes). Horizontal stripes meanwhile have the opposite effect – they make you look from side to side and can make a wall appear wider. It’s not just striped wallpaper that can have this effect but also slats on blinds or even floorboards. Consider the direction of stripes when decorating in order to get the best effect. 

Paint it all white

Darker rooms tend to feel smaller. By painting a room white, you can maximize light in the room – which could make it feel bigger. Painting the walls and ceiling white is one effective way to make a room taller as it can give the walls an endless feel. You should avoid dark hues like black, dark grey, dark blue or brown in a small room as it is likely to emphasise the cramped feel of the room.

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