10 DIY Projects That Will Make Your Home Fancy

DIY Projects That Will Make Your Home Fancy

The decor and style of your home play a key role in determining your house’s overall mood. It can also affect the perspective of people that live in it. 

That’s why you must pay close attention to your space’s aesthetics and decor from time to time. 

To spruce up your home, you can either hire an interior designer or open up doors for your creative mind.

It is okay if you opt to work with a designer if you want to makeover your place. However, if you are going for a small makeover or implementing new creative ideas, you can opt for DIY home decorations. 

Designing Your Space Like a Pro

If you are not a professional designer, do not fret! All you need is some pretty handy home decor ideas that will give you a new perspective on designing your space. 

Most of the time, you might not pay attention to the littlest details of your space. But if you spend more time focusing on your home’s aesthetics, you can find several spots wherein something innovative needs to be done. 

This article will walk you through ten simple yet stylish home decor ideas that will bring out your creativity. Check out some pretty cool ideas that you can apply: 

  1. Add Mirrors

Adding mirrors are a simple yet stylish way to spruce up your home. Not only will it make it appear brighter, but they also allow light to bounce everywhere in the room. 

Mirrors create an effect that makes everything around it appear more beautiful. Make sure to add a stylish mirror in every single room of your home, or consider placing it on a wall that’s perpendicular to the windows. 

Not only will this reflect light better, but it also enhances your space’s overall aesthetics. 

  1. Wall Geometric Patterns

To implement this DIY decor idea, you’ll need to have a painter’s tape, as well as your favorite colors of paint. Now, using the painter’s tape, create random geometric shapes and patterns.

Depending on your preference, fill in the blocks with colors. Ideally, it would help if you used at least a maximum of three colors to come up with the right contrast. Then, take off the tapes, then your modish wall is all set-up. 

  1. DIY Textured Wall

A textured wall will bring in some character to your space. Using stained pallet pieces, come up with a chic, modern wall that you can use for your TV background. 

This will give a nice makeover on the background part of your TV wall. 

You’ll also get to appreciate this every time you sit back and watch your favorite television show. 

  1. Add Some Organic Life with Decorative Vases

Plants have a positive effect on people. They help alleviate one’s mood, taking the stress off our minds just with their calming presence. 

So, why not grab those empty wine bottles and mason jars, then paint them white? Using a washi tape, come up with various style patterns, and add fresh flowers or plants in them to make your day more refreshed. Check out these DIY distressed floral base and tulip umbrella wreath that’s perfect for spring. 

You might also consider getting indoor plants in your space to liven it up, as you enjoy tropical mornings every day. 

  1. DIY Coffee Mug Rack

Creating your own DIY coffee mug rack is quite simple, and this can also be an excellent, cozy addition to your home. 

Join together logs and pieces, placing some sturdy hooks so that your cups could hang in safely. To make it even classier, you can paint the rack similar to your room decor. 

  1. Create Your Own Bookshelves

Creating your own storage space doesn’t have to be costly or time-consuming. However, it’s still vital that you secure your shelves before using them. 

Ensure that all your shelves and cabinets are leveled and then mounted to studs on the wall. This will make sure that everything will be secure even if your books and other things are heavy. 

  1. Repaint Your Dresser

If you have a light shade in your bedroom and have artistic skills, you can do a complete makeover of your dresser

Going for a white dresser with a golden design at the center and some golden knobs will bring life to your space. 

You can do this easy DIY home decor using white and golden acrylic paint. You can either come up with a diamond, heart or any custom shape that you want. 

  1. Slide-in Laundry Baskets

Do you have laundry baskets that are strewn across your space or stacked in piles in your laundry room? 

Although this might sound like a decorative nightmare, you can certainly do something about it. 

Creating an easy-to-build dresser allows you to slide baskets in and out whenever you want to use them. This also allows you to store them in between washings. 

  1. Add Some Canvas Abstract Art

Adding some abstract paintings is one of the best ways you can show off your creativity and skills. 

So, why get a blank canvas and come up with an art or design that you love? 

Don’t forget to splash it with colors of your choice and give some accent tone to your art. You can hang these in your bed or living room afterward. 

  1. DIY Polaroid Wall

Designing a polaroid gallery in your home is a conventional yet excellent DIY home decor idea. So, choose the best photos of you and your loved ones, mainly the best snapshots and highlights of your recent vacations and holidays. 

Come up with square prints of these photos, then add them to your wall to come up with a gallery of images. 

In Conclusion

Home decorations can go from designing an entire space to adding a couple of accents to freshen up its look. 

Whatever DIY home ideas you pick, a personalized idea can go a long way. You can choose from any of these ideas we have mentioned in this article and implement them in your way.

That way, you can come up with satisfying results.

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