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Why Your Children Should Read Dr. Seuss Books

Dr. Seuss has been around for years, the rhymes, the colors, the words of wisdom. We all remember the books from our own childhood, and they are still just as popular for our own children. Below is a list of reasons why you should be sure to read Dr. Seuss's books to your children, as well as encourage them to read them on their own once they begin reading. I'm a big fan of reading and have been reading to my toddler since she was a baby. One collection that I decided to get for our library of books was the Dr. Seuss's Beginner Book collection all for the reasons below.


The books are intriguing to all ages, regardless if your child can read or not. The colors are a wide spectrum of bright vivid depictions of the stories and the words are lists of rhymes that your child will enjoy hearing. Newborns will be drawn to the colors, and toddlers to the silly words. There was even a book made resembling the “Oh the Places You’ll Go” book that is intended specifically for babies in utero for their parents to read to them titled “Oh, Baby, the Places You’ll Go”.

Encourages reading at all ages

Dr. Seuss books are exciting and fun! This attitude towards reading will encourage your children to want to be read to as well as to read once those skills begin to set in. Getting your child excited about reading at an early age (start when they are baby, or even in utero!) will encourage them to continue reading not only boosting their reading skills, but also skills that will help throughout their schooling and quite possibly jobs.

Aids in language development

Reading these books to younger children will aid in language development. When read enough they will begin to notice repeated words and begin to question them, what they mean, why they are used, etc. The silly words that are often incorporated will also boost their imagination and help with word development.

Builds confidence

Any type of reading will build confidence in your child, however Seuss books will build tremendous amount more as they will start to recognize words early on from these books due to the basic language used. Allow your child to begin reading these books to you as soon as they start recognizing the words. When they can read a sentence by themselves that was once read to them time and time again, they will be more confident than ever when recognizing words in all books.

So tell me, what's your favorite Dr. Seuss's book and why do you love them?

Annmarie John
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  1. Dr. Seuss is fantastic. These are all great reasons :)

  2. Oh, Baby, the Places You’ll Go is our family's favorite. We are big fans for all these reasons!

  3. We love Dr. Seuss, what a brilliant writer! I have quite a few of his books from when I was a child, my mom saved them and I have passed them down to my children.

  4. Our favorite is Green Eggs and Ham just because it is sooo cute and silly!

  5. My favorite is One Fish Two Fish Red Fish Blue Fish and my son know Oh the places you'l go practically by heart!

  6. I raised my kids on Dr. Suess books and will do the same with my grandkids. I love the rhymes and easy reading through repetition.

  7. My favorite is, "One Fish, Two Fish." That was the very first book my daughter learned to read aloud on her own. :)

  8. Dr Seuss is such a friend to children. Glad you are reading them.

  9. My favorite book is, "Oh the places you will go!" I love it and I bought it for my son when he graduated 8th grade.

  10. My kids loved Dr Seuss when they were littler. I remember reading One Fish, Two Fish to them each so many times.

  11. Can you believe we don't have any Dr. Suess books? I'd better get on that!

  12. Dr. Seuss books are awesome! I absolutely love them and so does my oldest son. He loves to read Green Eggs And Ham.

  13. I grew up reading Dr Seuss Books and I'm now 28! I like that the books challenges children to open their imagination. My favorite was "Green Eggs and Ham"

  14. Dr. Seuss is always great. I grew up reading them and I think my son should as well.

  15. As a mom and teacher, I agree with you. Dr. Seuss books are beneficial when it comes to the rhyming because kids will know what to expect and learn word families. The nonsense words help with decoding skills


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