Your Bed Is Your Sacred Space

It is amazing to think about the number of things we do in our bed. It’s the place where we drift off to sleep into peaceful dreams, the place where we make love, where we spend time with our partners watching movies and reading books. It’s the thing we all think about during our commute home after a long day at work. Shopping for a new bed is like a smaller version of shopping for a new home—you want to make sure you get one you can live in happily. You can find a nice selection of beds on 1stopBedrooms.

Of all the rooms in the home where it’s important to maintain feng shui, the bedroom takes the crown for number one. Study after study has demonstrated clearly that a tranquil and balanced environment plays a big role in our mood—oftentimes, feelings of sadness and even depression can be attributed to a poorly organize or poorly decorated space. When it comes to the bedroom, you have to combine that with the role sleep plays in regulating moods and productivity.

Your Bed Is Your Sacred Space

Your bedroom should be your haven from the outside world.

If, for no other reason, because a proper sleep schedule is paramount to keeping our body and our minds running smoothly. A poorly designed bedroom full of tattered furniture can throw off your entire nighttime ritual. The bed is the largest piece of furniture in your bedroom, so if the one you currently own is poor quality, it will also be the one that most glaringly lowers the vibration of the space and keeps you feeling down in the dumps.

Try to envision the space as you would have it in an ideal world. We all have different aesthetic sensibilities. Some of us find relaxation in a sense of luxury. Ornately decorated bedframes may be the way to go in this case—you can even choose an option with leather upholstered back for that extra dose of comfort. If you’re someone who likes to keep things simple, you may want to shop for more minimalist, modern styles. If you’re someone who practically lives in your bedroom, you can choose a storage bed—one with lots of shelves and drawers to keep books, clothes, and anything else you may need.

It’s also important to consider the size of your bed.

Naturally, more space means more comfort. Room to stretch out and turnabout, while you sleep, will help ensure a more natural, deep-sleep state. If you sleep next to a partner, you would probably do best to invest in a king-sized bed. It offers plenty of room for you both to retreat to your own ends when you need some shut-eye, but also allows you to come together to meet in the middle whenever you like.

Once you’ve made a list of exactly what it is you’re looking for out of a new bed, feel free to browse the site linked above. You can use some of the useful filtering and search features to narrow the list down—one of the small downsides of having so many options is that it can feel overwhelming! Luckily, the site has you covered when it comes to cutting that list down to just the items that will meet your unique needs. 

Don’t be surprised when you find the exact bed you’ve pictured in your head—years of shopping in-store with limited inventory have probably trained you to believe that you have to compromise. You don’t! Your jaw may also drop at a few price tags, but that’s to be expected. When you shop directly from the manufacturer, things just come a little cheaper. 1stopbedrooms has a low-price guarantee, so you know that whatever bed you purchase, it won’t mean spending a small fortune.

Your Bed Is Your Sacred Space

You can also be sure that you’re getting the best products from high-quality brands, which is important when shopping for furniture. You want this stuff to last decades—quite possibly the rest of your life. Finding durability is crucial to achieving that goal. When you avoid the big-box retailers, you’re also avoiding the mass-produced items that’ll break down in a few years or so. You want the next bedframe you buy to be one that’ll show up in antique stores a century from now looking as though it hardly has a scratch on it.

Achieving the ideal interior décor of your dreams is within reach. All it takes is mapping out your needs. Connect with your personal taste and style, as well as what kind of utility you search for in your furniture. A brand-new bed is more than just the sum of its parts—it can transform the way you perceive your space and greatly reduce stress brought on by the kind of poor sleep habits that often arise from feeling ill at ease in your environment. Keep all of this in mind when you’re debating replacing your current bed frame—and remember that there is no way you can wake up on the “right side of the bed” when you’re waking up in the wrong bed every morning.

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