Need a Personal Loan to Get You Through?

Personal loans allow you to borrow the money needed to pay bills or make large purchases. They come with fixed interest and term rates as well as fixed monthly payments that make budgeting easier. These loans are less expensive than other types of credit, but that doesn’t mean there’s no risk involved. Here are a few reasons to take out a loan as well as some information on how to find one.

Why Personal Loan

Debt Consolidation

Many people take out personal loans from to consolidate several debts into one monthly payment. It keeps a borrower from having to plan for and remember to pay multiple creditors, and in most cases, it comes with lower payments and a reduced interest rate.

Home Renovations

Does your home need a new heating system? Is the roof leaking? Many borrowers use personal loans to renovate or repair their homes. If major repairs or upgrades are needed but there’s no cash on hand, a personal loan may be a better option than a high-interest credit card.

Paying Bills

Sometimes there just isn’t enough money left at the end of the month. If you’ve made budget cuts but can’t seem to make ends meet, consider getting a personal loan to pay bills. While it’s better than relying on credit cards or payday loans, be sure to learn about other options and shop for the lowest possible interest rate.


Is it wise for the average borrower to get a personal loan and invest the funds? Usually, it’s not, especially where high-risk stocks and other options are concerned. However, people still do it with varying degrees of success.

Educational Expenses

A college education in the United States isn’t cheap. It’s quite common for college students to take on loans to help cover the cost of schooling. In some instances, personal loans are a good option to pay school expenses. They’re not as restrictive as student loans, which can only be used for certain expenses. If you’re going back to school—or putting a child through college—a personal loan may be right for your family.

Medical Bills

Medical bills are a major expense for Americans, and many have used personal loan funds to pay them. Before getting a loan, though, talk to your doctor about a payment plan or another option.


Sometimes, life just doesn’t go as planned. Whether it’s a car accident, a job loss, or an illness, we all need a little extra cash at times. While there may be other, better ways to find the funding you need, a personal loan is better than a payday loan with an astronomical interest rate.

A Special Event

Are you planning a wedding but can’t cover all the costs? A personal loan may help pay for the special event, but it’s not always the best choice. After all, you’ll be paying the bill for years—all for one day.

Should You Get a Personal Loan?

While personal loans make sense for a lot of people, especially when high-interest alternatives are considered, they’re not right for everyone. It takes good credit to get a worthwhile interest rate, and it’s hard to find a lender who’s willing to take a risk on someone with poor credit. As with other financial products, it’s best to review your options and do some research before making the commitment.

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