What Makes an Excellent Yoga Mat

What Makes an Excellent Yoga Mat

 Yoga mats come in all shapes, textures, and sizes. Even though each one of them is appropriate for different needs, some yoga mats are better than others. In the past, there was just one type of yoga mat. It was a sticky PVC mat that came in limited color options. 

Today, there is a wide variety of options. They come in unique and exciting patterns, styles, and colors. If you are looking for an excellent yoga mat, here are a few important things to consider:


The thickness of your yoga mat is a huge indicator of quality. If the mat is too thin, it is likely to be uncomfortable. Your knees may hurt when you try to do certain poses. If the yoga mat is too thick, you may lose connection with the floor. You will be wobbly and poses like the Tree Pose may be different to achieve. An excellent yoga mat is about 1/8 inches thick. If you prefer thicker options, a ¼-inch mat may be great. Travel yoga mats may be much thinner than the standard ones.

The secret is to consider your storage space, comfort, and portability. According to Yogangstar experts, the right mat should be comfortable but thin enough that you feel connected to the floor. If you need to travel with it, it should not occupy too much space.


Sticky mats ensure that you do not slide off when practicing. They help you stay aligned when changing poses. PVC yoga mats are the most likely ones to get sticky. They are a good option when you want to minimize the chances of sliding off but cannot bear to be on a mat with a raised texture. The simplest way to keep your yoga mat sticky is by cleaning it regularly.


The best yoga mats are made with sticky, and spongy, material. Even though PVC is the most popular material, it isn’t the only one. Others include natural cotton, jute, and recycled rubber. Avoid natural rubber if you have a latex allergy. Note that some materials are more durable than others. Materials may be blended to promote sponginess and stickiness.


As a yoga enthusiast, it is important that you protect your wellness along with that of the environment. The best yoga mats are environmentally-friendly. You should be able to use them without having to clog landfills for the coming decades. Eco-friendly yoga mats are made with natural materials like organic cotton, jute, and recycled rubber.

If you are keen on promoting eco-friendliness, do not purchase a PVC mat. It is difficult to recycle and does not decompose in landfills.

What Makes an Excellent Yoga Mat


The texture of your yoga mat dictates its traction. Texture, like stickiness, determines how much you will be sliding and slipping. It also affects the general comfort of your yoga mat. If any texture would make you uncomfortable, the best yoga mat for you would be smooth and free of bumps. PVC yoga mats are great. Even though they have some texture, they are generally soft. With their grip, they can help you remain grounded no matter how vigorous your practice may be.


The best yoga mat for you should be within your price range. High-quality mats do not need to be too expensive. A basic, moderate-thickness yoga mat, for example, will obviously be cheaper than those with premium thickness, cool textures, and antimicrobial treatments. Eco-friendly yoga mats will be more expensive than regular mats. Ideally, what you pay for a yoga mat should be proportional to what it offers.


A great yoga mat should be able to demonstrate your personality and style. About 97 percent of all yoga mats are plain. They may come in interesting colors, but they do not have any fun designs. This does not need to be the case. Pick yoga mat designs that are inspired by interesting shapes. Prints, and patterns. You don’t need to compromise good looks for functionality.


When practicing yoga, you must consider your general health and values. Choose a yoga mat that aligns with your beliefs and promotes good health. Natural rubber, for example, is a much better option than PVC which can harm your health. If you are big on eco-friendliness, pick sustainable yoga mat materials.

What Makes an Excellent Yoga Mat

The function of a yoga mat goes beyond giving you space to practice yoga. It is a tool that can help you demonstrate your personality and values while you promote your physical and mental well-being. Picking the right one can make a huge difference in your practice.

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