Traveling with Teenagers: Ways to Make It Enjoyable

As a parent, you know that the teenage years can be challenging. They might not want to do what you tell them to do, and they may act out in ways that are less than desirable. But fear not – there are five easy things you can do to make traveling with teenagers enjoyable for all parties involved!

Ways to Make Traveling With Teenagers Enjoyable

Bring Books

Bring lots of books to read on the plane. This way, you can give them a book, and you will entertain them for hours with something other than their phone or tablet.

Carry Electronics

Yes, you should bring all of their electronics with you. You know that your kids will want to use them on the plane, and there is nothing worse than having a meltdown when it’s time for takeoff because someone forgot their phone charger at home. Also, install the best cleaners for mac to avoid and remove malware.

Give Them a Camera

Teens love to take pictures, so give them a camera and let them document their trip. Then, they will be able to show everyone back home what they did without relying on the memories of others!

Take Extra Time to Prepare

Take time to plan out what you will wear before the day of your flight. This way, they can pack and get their stuff ready in advance, which will make things much easier on everyone when it comes to the trip.

Keep Them Busy During Layovers

Teens love exploring so take a break while waiting around at the airport terminal to grab a quick coffee or exploring one of the national stores.

Build Up Their Stamina

It’s always good to try and build up your teenager’s stamina. For example, during travel, make them walk around the terminal when waiting for boarding and try to get them up and moving when they’re not sleeping or eating.

Create a Playlist

Have your teenager create a playlist for in-flight entertainment to have some control over what they are listening to and not be stuck with the same few songs.

Play Scavenger Hunting

Send your children on a scavenger hunt throughout the airport before you board. This way, they can explore and get some exercise while waiting to fly!

Bring Card Games

Bring card games with you and play them when waiting for the flight. This way, if your teens are getting restless, they can have something to do while still being close by so that you don’t lose track of their whereabouts! Also, board games are an excellent option for long flights.


You can play charades with your teens to pass the time. You can offer clues and make it a guessing game between you and them! To make it more interesting, you can do dancing charades where someone guesses the song or trend.


Tell your children a story about their day during the flight. This way, they can wind down and relax before getting some sleep on the plane! It can also help to kill boredom and reduce sleepiness during the trip.

In Conclusion

Teens can be a handful, but with these five tips, they’ll enjoy traveling just as much as you do! So follow them to make things easier on everyone involved and have fun building memories together during your next vacation.

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