9 Ways In Fulfilling Your Bridesmaid’s Duties To A T

Witnessing your close friends tying the knot is one of the most rewarding feelings and experiences of all time. It’s not only that you get a chance to be part of this special day, but you’ll also witness a remarkable journey to start their lives as a couple. If you are lucky enough to be chosen as part of the wedding entourage, then you’ll surely have access to the front seat and be part of a more memorable experience.

Being a bridesmaid is not just about attending the wedding. There are different things that you should also consider being a part of or preparing for. Do you want to fulfill your duties as a bridesmaid to a whole new level? Don’t worry, we got you.

9 Ways To Be The Best Bridesmaid

In this article, we will list down some of the most effective ways to be part of your bride’s journey while fulfilling your duties as a bridesmaid. These may be pretty common, but these simple things will help put your bride’s mind at ease and lessen her worry. Let’s begin.

  1. Be involved with the bridesmaid dresses

The very first thing that you should be ready for is to be involved in planning and shopping for bridesmaid dresses. Most of the time, brides already have an idea of what dresses their bridesmaids should wear. However, in some cases, brides will ask for your opinion. As much as possible, always be involved in making these decisions and giving your honest insights about them.

  1. Be part of the bridal shower planning

Typically, the maid of honor is the one who plans all of these things. However, she can’t do everything on her own. You can be helpful by being part of the planning, and of course, attending the bridal shower. Your presence is the most precious gift she’ll ever want. When planning for the bridal shower, make sure to always consider what the bride would want and not just what you and the other bridesmaids like.

  1. Be ready to shell out expenses

Included in being part of the wedding party is being ready to shell out some of the expenses. However, this doesn’t mean paying a contribution for the wedding and reception. This is more of paying a little contribution for the bridal shower, a generous gift, or even offering to pay for your own bridesmaid’s dress. It may not be mandatory, especially if the bride and groom have a budget for it, but at least be ready just in case.

  1. Be present at rehearsals and meetings

Another responsibility that you should never miss is attending event planning meetings and the rehearsal dinner. Your bride will certainly appreciate it if you are part of the food tasting, dress fitting, and, of course, the rehearsal dinner. She would love to hear your ideas and suggestions on picking some of the most important details of her wedding.

  1. Be the MOH’s partner

One of the biggest misconceptions about wedding parties is that the MOH is always in charge and the bridesmaids are her workers. That’s totally wrong. As a bridesmaid, you should be the Maid of Honor’s partner in planning, deciding, and spearheading the entire event. If she was chosen as MOH, it can only mean that she knows the bride very well. Hence, she has some of the most important details and insights. Partnering with the MOH is the best way to have a smooth wedding preparation.

  1. Be friends with the entire entourage

Weddings will always have drama paired with it. Some are brought by family members, some are made by the couple, while some are because of the wedding entourage. Most often than not, you will encounter disagreements with the other bridesmaids. Instead of playing as a diva, it’s best to sit down and discuss the conflict and come up with a compromised solution. Remember, this is not your big day, so don’t make it harder for the bride.

  1. Be patient with the bride

You’ll surely hear a lot of cursing or experience a little rough attitude coming from the bride. While some people loathed working with a bridezilla, these things are always expected. Simply because preparing for a wedding can have too much pressure and stress. As a bridesmaid, it’s your duty to be the voice of reason and be patient with the bride.

  1. Be prepared for a speech

As one of the bride’s important people, you may be expected to deliver a speech during the reception. This may be a task assigned to the MOH, but still, you don’t know what will happen. So, it’s best to be ready to deliver a heartwarming speech to your lovely bride.

  1. Of course, show up on the wedding day

All this preparation will mean nothing if you are not at the wedding, right? Upon their invitation, already check your schedule or block off the date of the wedding. The bride and groom may be able to forgive you for missing a few rehearsals or maybe even the showers, but they will never forgive you for missing the actual wedding day. As early as now, block off that date and be ready to spend the entire day with them.

Be part of your bride’s journey!

Fulfill your duties with gladness and respect as a bridesmaid. If the bride and groom considered you to be part of this special milestone, you are probably one of the most important people in their lives. So, live up to it and become one of the best bridesmaids every couple could ever have.

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