What It Takes To Transform Your Golf Game If You’re Over 50

Transform Your Golf Game

When you’re young, progress seems to come easily. But as the years pass, things change. And you can’t quite pick up new skills as rapidly as you used to. 

This problem is particularly acute for golfers over the age of 50. By the time you get to 30, your swing action is pretty much set in stone. So how on Earth can you change it as you enter your mopre senior years? 

Well, it turns out that improving your game isn’t totally out of the question. In fact, with the right approach, many older people can do it. It just takes a little know-how. 

Regrip Your Clubs

How long have you had your current set of clubs? If you’re like most golfers, it’s probably several years. During that time have you ever replaced the grips? Possibly not!

Regripping your clubs offers a host of benefits. It makes your clubs feel like new again. But it also provides more tactile feedback as you play, making it easier to refine and hone your shots. 

Use Lofted Irons

If your distance game is an issue right now, you might also want to try using lofted irons. These help make the ball fly lower with less spin, giving it more distance.

Please note, though, that lofted irons aren’t for everyone. And they only come into play on certain courses. If you’re trying to clear an elevation, you’re much better off using a regular iron. 

Choose The Right Driver

The best golf driver for seniors is one that provides both lightweight and consistency. You need it to feel natural in your hands, without any unnecessary gimmicks or features. 

Use A Counterbalanced Putter

Standard putters don’t have any counterbalance. Because of this, they tend to feel a little strange when you transition from the upswing to the downswing, giving you less control. 

However, there are now many counterbalanced putters on the market which allow you to fiddle around with the weight distribution, depending on your needs. So, for example, you can play with a 75g, 50g or 25g counterweight to give you the perfect putting action. 

Choose A Better Ball

These days, you don’t have to stick with the ball the clubhouse gives you. You can use your own. 

For those looking for longer distances, try using a tour ball. These tend to have great flight characteristics and can carry more than 300 yards.

There are also club-level balls which offer things like low spin, helpful for wedge play. 

You can get cheaper balls you offer by the dozen, but these tend to offer less precision and quality than top-of-the-line models. These are for the driving range where your main concern is your swing, not where the ball lands. 

Make Your Backswing More Compact

Lastly, older golfers can sometimes develop a bad habit of opening up their backswing, compromising both power and precision. Ideally, you should keep the ball directly underneath your lead should and take a wide stance. This will limit your turning ability while ensuring that the club hits the ball in the parallel position.

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