Tips for the First-Time Travel Insurance Buyer

Are you thinking of taking a trip soon? Whether it’s a business trip to Rio de Janeiro or an African leisure tour to Amboseli and the slopes of Mount Kilimanjaro, traveling is always a great way to unwind and escape.

You get to explore new places, make new friends, and engage in activities that help relieve stress and anxiety. But did you know that travel insurance is among the most important things that travelers tend to overlook?

Perhaps you are already aware of this, but how do you go about choosing a travel policy if it’s the first time you’re shopping for a policy? Well, read on to find the answer from these travel tips below.

buying travel insurance for the first time

Understand What Travel insurance is 

As much as traveling is fun, it is not unusual to encounter certain unpredictable events. These could be anything from road accidents to credit card theft, loss of personal stuff, illness, and much more.

Depending on the plan you pick, a travel policy can cover the costs of such and more occurrences that could happen while abroad. It acts as a safety plug in the event of any eventualities during your trip.

Familiarize With the Different Plans 

Different plans come with varied coverage and premiums depending on the insurance company you approach. Before purchasing a plan ensure you are comfortable with the plan and the premiums.

This is all the more reason to compare travel insurance plans from different companies, paying close attention to what is covered and the limits of the policy.

Do you want coverage for a single trip or multiple trips? The latter is usually cheaper if you’re a frequent traveler. Nonetheless, the ideal policy should cover things like trip interruptions, baggage loss, flight cancellations, and loss of life.

Get to Know what is Not Covered in Your Plan

While looking to purchase a traveler’s insurance policy, it is worth noting that different policies differ in terms of things covered.

Your choice of policy should be determined by your travel habits. It is best to scrutinize the print keenly, noting what is covered and what is not, so you can avoid unpleasant surprises in the future.

For instance, do they cover sickness during the travel? Do they reimburse for trip cancellation? What if you’re traveling with kids: will the policy cover everyone? Ensure you peruse through the exclusion list with vigilance before sealing the deal on the dotted line.

Is Covid-19 Covered?

The world has become an uncertain place with the current invasion of the Covid-19 plague. Even after vaccines were discovered, new strains of the deadly virus started emerging and very little is known about when we will finally say goodbye to the pandemic.

While most policies will cover you when you fall sick and get hospitalized during your trip, one thing should be clear. Not all travelers’ insurance plans cover Covid-19 related issues! This is something you should be extra keen about when shopping for a policy.

Check the Benefits 

While it might be tempting to opt for a cheaper plan, some of these often provide fewer benefits. This can be equally inconvenient later. You could end up missing out in the event of an emergency or lost baggage, for instance.

While choosing a plan, it is unwise to rivet your eyes too much on the huge bucks you scoop from your account.

Cheap plans are often expensive unless you really take the time to compare coverage from different providers. It’s always beneficial to pay more for an all-rounded plan and afford you peace of mind, which is priceless.

The Policy Should Cater to Your Specific Needs

Travelers’ insurance acts as a safety net in the event anything goes wrong during your journey. While purchasing a policy, it’s always advisable to pick the one that best meets your needs as a traveler. This helps you avoid over-buying or under-buying a policy.

Get a policy that is tailored to your specific needs. For instance, if you travel four months in a year, it makes less sense to buy an annual plan. A good travel insurance agent can always help you select the policy that best suits your needs.

Consider a Group Travel Policy

When traveling as a group for leisure or business, purchasing a group travel policy is always advisable. It’s far much cheaper compared to an individual policy. Most of them also come with added benefits since they are often purchased by employers and companies.


Online reviews can come in handy if you are planning to buy travel insurance. They give you first-hand information from different consumers on their experience with the products or services offered by a specific provider. They can say a lot about an insurance company, especially when it comes to its reputation, prices, support, and reliability.

In Conclusion

People travel around the world every second in pursuit of education, leisure, business, and so many other reasons. Whichever kind of traveler you are, purchasing traveler’s insurance is pivotal. Anything can happen when you least expect it during your trip.

To avoid inconveniences and unexpected costs or stress that may ruin your excitement, it pays to select the best insurance package for your needs. The above tips will hopefully make the seemingly daunting task easier.

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