Tips for Keeping Those Toys Under Control

Tired of stepping on Legos and weaving in between toys on the floor? If you have kids, you know how messy their toys can get. All it takes is about five seconds for your children to transform a clean room into a disaster zone. Sound familiar? If so, here are a few tips you can use to help keep those toys (and your kids) under control.

A Spot for Everything

In order to keep those toys under control, there needs to be a spot for everything. Get your kids’ toy room or play area organized, using totes, bins and any other number of storage accessories to do this. By organizing this room, you’re giving each item a home. It’s a lot easier to keep toys under control when there’s a place to put them.

Say No

It can be hard to say no to that sweet little face, but when it comes to toys, you need toughen up. Learn to tell your children no at the store. They can still get toys for birthdays or Christmas, but by refusing to buy toys every time you go grocery shopping, it’ll be a lot easier to keep the toys you do have under control. There’s no need to add to the mess unless it’s a special occasion.

Spring Clean

It’s amazing how many toys you can accumulate over time. The more toys you have, the more of a mess you can expect. Because of this, it’s definitely a good idea to do a little spring cleaning. Go through all of your children’s toys. Pull out the toys that your kids don’t use and set these aside for a few weeks. After this waiting period is up, if your children never asked for those toys, get rid of them either by donating them or throwing them away. You should do this a couple times a year to help reduce the amount of toys you have to worry about.

Set Some Rules

If you want to keep those toys under control, you need to set some rules for your kids. These rules can be anything that will help your kids pick up messes, such as putting a toy back before getting another. You might also want to implement a bedtime pickup routine so that all the toys are cleaned up before your little ones lay their heads down for the night.

Kids make messes, there’s no getting around that. But by following these rules, you’ll be able to keep those toys under control.

What are some ways you keep toys organized and put away?

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