Looking for a Bassinet? Here are Some Buying Tips

A bassinet is a bed for babies that is designed for newborns to babies who are around four months. Buying a good bassinet is very important for your baby but it can be difficult to know where to begin when there are so many different designs, brands, functionalities, and more. If you are looking for a bassinet then you have come to the right place.

Here are 6 buying tips. 

tips for buying a bassinet
  1. Establish A Budget

First things first, you should establish a realistic budget. Bassinets vary in price and you can find a portable/collapsible one at roughly $50 and then you can find more sophisticated or solid wood bassinets at $150 plus. Setting a budget at the start will help stop you from overspending and it will also help narrow down options to search through. 

  1. Make Sure It Fits Safety Standards

Once you have established your budget you can begin the process of browsing through your set of options. The number one thing you need to look for when buying a bassinet is a label from the Juvenile Products Manufacturers Association, if a bassinet has this label then it means that they meet the necessary safety standards in America. There will be bassinets that do not have a JPMA label, however, it is advisable that you do not buy any products without the label. Visit this website for a buying guide that will help you understand what your bassinet should feature.  Safety is of the utmost importance when purchasing a bassinet. There is no point in skimping out on cheaper, less secure bassinets to save a few dollars when the safety and security of your baby are on the line. 

  1. Opt For A Portable Bassinet

If you are someone on the move a lot then it might be a good idea to get a portable bassinet. Even if you think you don’t need one, it definitely gives you greater flexibility and freedom. You can purchase some that are carried via handle or others that roll, so it depends on what feels more comfortable for you. Portable ones tend to be lightweight so this makes them easier to move than standard bassinets. So even if you are not planning on moving from place to place, it will be easier to move around a room or within your home.

  1. Look For Special Features And Functionality

Bassinets have become very sophisticated in recent years with features including soothing music, heartbeat and ambient sounds to help relax your baby. Usually, you can control these sounds with a switch or keypad, but some of the more sophisticated bassinets can be controlled via an app on a smartphone. This is a great feature to have because if your baby starts to get upset you can adjust the sounds from another room so that they do not see you and get heightened. Although, it is worth checking whether the bassinet needs batteries because if so then you should stock up on batteries otherwise you could end up with it cutting out at night. The more sophisticated the features become the more expensive models can be so be mindful of that before you get too far into the research process. 

tips for buying a bassinet
  1. Check Out Reviews

One of the most important things to do when buying a bassinet is to check out the reviews of any models you are considering. This way you will get a more realistic overview of the experience provided by the bassinet. Companies will always oversell their products because they need to capture your interest, so it is worth taking what their websites say with a pinch of salt. While it can be a bit boring to scroll through various reviews it is well worth it as it can save you the hassle of buying the wrong bassinet and then spending even more money on another one. Be careful not to fall for any fake reviews as some marketing agencies will use bots to leave positive comments on products. 

  1. Consider Reputation

One way to make sure that you pick a good bassinet is to purchase one from a reputable company. This is not to suggest that smaller or lesser-known companies are not to be trusted, it is more that if you have less time to commit to researching and going through reviews, then it is better to play it safe and opt for a bassinet from a company with a consistent and good reputation. 

So there you have it, use these 6 tips to help you find the perfect bassinet for you and your baby.

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