25 Things To Do For Fun at Home

Looking for something to do? Check out this list of 25 fun things you can do at home, from watching TV marathons to trying out new recipes to starting a DIY project — there’s something for everyone!

Looking for something to do at home? If you’re stuck at home with some extra time on your hands, there’s no need to be bored! There are plenty of fun things you can do to pass the time. Whether you’re stuck inside on a rainy day, trying to save money for an upcoming vacation, or just looking for some new activities that don’t involve screens or leaving the house, there are plenty of ideas to try. Here are 25 things to do for fun at home that will keep everyone entertained! So get up off the couch and start having some fun!

Things To Do For Fun at Home

Virtual escape rooms.

Make a list of items that can be found around the house and throw in a few “bonus” items for extra points. Teams or individuals can search for the items and whoever finds them first wins! You can modify it to suit anyone’s age and preferences, from a simple game of hide-and-seek to an elaborate, more complex hunt.

Indoor scavenger hunts.

Make a list of items that can be found around the house and throw in a few “bonus” items for extra points. Teams or individuals can search for the items and whoever finds them first wins! You can modify it to suit anyone’s age and preferences, from a simple game of hide-and-seek to an elaborate, more complex hunt

Movie marathons.

Watch the entire series of your favorite TV show or a favorite old movie. Movie and TV streaming services like Netflix, Hulu, Disney+, and Amazon Prime Video make it easy to access a variety of films and shows. Enjoy the process of building sets and coming up with scenarios. Invite some friends over to join in the fun — once you’ve watched every episode, they can join you with snacks and drinks to talk about their favorites.

At-home spa day.

Don’t let time away from the spa keep you from pampering yourself. Get ready to relax and unwind by creating your very own at-home spa day. Start off with a refreshing soak in the tub, or book a massage or mani/pedi session at a nearby salon if you feel comfortable doing so. To really bring out the full spa experience, make sure you have candles, calming music, a few face masks and moisturize luxuriously. Enjoying this experience in the comfort of your home will be both soothing and reinvigorating.

Online game night with friends and family.

What’s better than gathering your favorite people around you to have some fun? Playing games is not only a great way to bond, but also a source of entertainment for all ages. Get your friends and family onboard for an online game night, catching up and competing in virtual card or board-games or even video game applications. Choose something everyone will enjoy, get the snacks ready and you’re good to go!

Organize a virtual talent show

Gather your friends online and have them showcase their talents! Singing, dancing, poetry reading — anything goes as long as it can be done over video conferencing. Have each person perform something that reflects who they are — whether it’s a dance number or a comedic skit. It’s sure to be an upbeat and enjoyable way for friends to connect, even from afar.

DIY crafts.

Get creative by trying out some DIY projects that are fun for both kids and adults alike! From jewelry making and painting to tie-dying old clothes or building a terrarium — there are tons of craft ideas that use items you already have at home. Plus, it’s great for developing new skills while feeling productive and accomplished after completing the project.

Take part in online yoga classes

Staying active is key, especially when staying at home all day. Try out virtual yoga sessions with your favorite instructor and take some time for yourself to connect with your body and mind. Whether you’re a beginner or have been practicing for years, this is the perfect way to stay in shape while having fun and relaxing at the same time.

Create an indoor obstacle course

Take advantage of open spaces inside your house and challenge yourself with a creative obstacle course! Gather any household items you can find and set up a mix of hurdles, jumps or even an agility ladder to go through. You’re sure to have some fun while also getting your heart rate up and pushing yourself out of your comfort zone.

Make homemade pizzas with different toppings

Making homemade pizzas with different toppings is a fun activity to do with friends and family at home. Everyone can get involved in picking their own favorite toppings, stretching out the dough, and baking the pizza for a delicious meal. Whether you want classic cheese pizza or fun combinations like BBQ chicken and pineapple, homemade pizzas are always a fun culinary adventure! Get creative and explore all the different topping options for an unforgettable taste experience everyone will enjoy.

Have a picnic in your backyard

Having fun things to do at home can be a great way to pass the time during these uncertain times. Bringing a picnic into your backyard is one of the best ideas for having fun while staying safe in the comfort of your own home. Pack a fun lunch, gather your friends (virtually or in person) and have fun eating lunch outside! You could even bring some outdoor games for fun or sit down for conversations about the things you are most passionate about. Enjoying nature in your own backyard through a picnic is an easy and fun way to have an outdoor experience from the comfort of home.

Go on a nature walk and collect leaves, flowers, or rocks

Going on a nature walk is one of the fun things you can do outdoors. You can explore the variety of flora and fauna in your surroundings, have fun looking for interesting things to collect such as leaves, flowers, or rocks, or just take in the sights and smells of nature. On your next outing, why not fill your pockets with surprises from Mother Nature? With the wonders of nature so soothing to the senses, you’ll be refreshed after enjoying your time spent exploring outside.

Host a homemade baking competition.

Baking is a great activity that the whole family can enjoy! Make it a friendly competition by challenging each other to create the most creative dessert or pie of the day — whether it’s something made with chocolate chips or some classic apple crumble. Let everyone sample the treats while they make their votes on who deserves to be crowned as the best baker in town!

easter candy bark

Build a fort out of blankets and pillows

Building a fort out of blankets and pillows can be an incredibly fun activity to do at home! Children will have fun creating a safe and cozy nook for themselves, making it an ideal indoor adventure. All you need are a few large blankets, some comfy pillows, and plenty of imagination to create a hideaway where your family can escape the stress of the day. Depending on the size and theme of your fort, it can even double as play space or provide much needed privacy. Building a fort has never been easier – all you need is some creativity and everyone’s favorite bedding items.

Put on a fashion show for your family or roommates

One fun way to spend time at home with your family or roommates is by putting on a fashion show. Whether everyone wears something they already have in their wardrobe or you decide to shop together for new fun outfits, a fashion show can be an enjoyable evening that’s full of laughter and fun. If you want to keep it even more casual, simply organize each person’s closet and put on an outfit-wearing game. However you decide to do it, there’s no doubt that a fashion show will add a little bit of glamour and fun to your evening. It’s sure to be one of the highlights of your week!

Make a time capsule to open in the future

Making a time capsule can be a fun activity that you and your family or friends can do at home. It’s a great way to help preserve fun memories that may otherwise get lost in time. Start by bringing some fun items together, like photos, notes, recipes, mementos from special occasions, newspaper clippings, and anything else you think personifies the current moment in time. Once you’ve compiled an array of items suitable for making your own “time passport,” seal them all inside a box or jar that can be stored away for safekeeping. Decide on a future date when the contents of your “time capsule” will be opened and shared with those who contributed; do this to create anticipation and fun around this experience. Best of luck on your journey across time!

Build a gingerbread house

Building a gingerbread house is a fun activity to do with family and friends at home. Not only do you get to be creative with the decorations, but you can also let your imagination run wild with how you design the house itself. You can make it as realistic as possible with intricate details or construct a fun and whimsical one. Plus, when you’re done constructing it, you get to enjoy eating it!

Make homemade cards or invitations for upcoming events

Making homemade cards or invitations can be fun to do at home. Not only will you find a creative and unique way to celebrate your upcoming events, but there are also numerous resources that you can use for inspiration. Whether it’s paper crafting techniques, stamps, washi tape, or embossing, the possibilities are endless! Personalizing the invites with special touches of your personality can add a sense of fun and intimacy that pre-made, store-bought cards cannot provide. It’s an enjoyable way to spend time while showing your guests how much you care with a handmade invitation.

Hold a family game night with board games or video games

Family game nights are a great way to have fun with your family and friends. Whether you prefer board games or video games, there is something for everyone. You can stay in the comfort of your own home and reminisce about past family get-togethers. Board games like Chess or Monopoly can be great fun when you have time to really engage and think deeply around tactical decision-making. Everyone can join in the fun, even if they don’t have much experience playing the game.

Or you could even try something new! And if board games don’t tickle the fancy of the younger ones, some of the latest video game consoles are likely to do the trick. With so many awesome choices available today – from sports to puzzles – entertaining hours of family bonding could be just an evening away. While playing board games or video games, it creates an opportunity for friendships to grow as you play together and exchange stories around the game table. So grab some snacks, pick out a game, and hold a family game night – it’ll be sure to create lasting memories!

Dance around the house to your favorite songs

Dancing around the house is a fun way to enjoy your favorite songs and bring some liveliness into your home! Nothing beats the joy of cranking up your favorite tunes and getting in the groove. Not only is it an effective way to burn off some energy, it can also be a fun bonding activity for family and friends. What’s more fun than wiggling around together and choreographing your own moves?! Letting go of concerns and worries, even if just for a few minutes, is not only good for your mental health but also makes being at home much more fun.

Make a scrapbook of your favorite memories

Making a scrapbook of your favorite memories is fun and provides an enjoyable way to reflect on fun moments. Scrapbooking allows us to not only get creative, but also store our precious memories in a fun, tangible way. With the right supplies, you can create a cozy at home activity that will engage your entire family or friend group; drawing, cutting out photos and using fun embellishments to focus on what you enjoyed most during special occasions. Make sure to snap photos and add them to the scrapbook – before long it’ll become a cherished piece filled with fun at home.

Paint, draw, or do some other type of art project

Doing art projects at home can be fun for everyone involved. Not only does it serve as a way to express yourself, but it encourages creativity and imagination among all age groups. Whether you prefer to paint with watercolors, draw in pencil, or create something unique using clay, there are many ways to dive into the art world. While it may take some practice and patience to get the hang of certain techniques, the satisfaction of finishing a project is worth the effort alone. So grab some supplies and get creative!

Do a puzzle or play some brain games to keep your mind sharp

Staying home has its benefits. Rather than going outdoors and taking part in physical activities, you can have fun and challenge yourself from the comfort of your own home by doing puzzles or playing brain games. Brain games are often fun-filled activities that involve using your cognitive skills to solve riddles and puzzles. Not only do these types of activities help stimulate your mind, but they also help build problem-solving skills that can be applied in other areas too. So the next time you’re stuck at home, why not try out a fun puzzle or game to keep your mind razor sharp!

Learn a new recipe and cook it for your family or friends

Learning a new recipe can be fun and rewarding! With the help of friends or family, it’s a fun way to spend an evening at home and test out some adventurous flavors. Depending on the chosen dish, you’ll get to experiment with different spices, herbs, and other ingredients. Not only can you benefit from learning something new in the kitchen, but you can also create an amazing meal for those around you. Spoil your family or friends with a homemade dinner that’s sure to impress! This can be a fun way to bring everyone together and enjoy some quality time around the dinner table.

Play tourist and walk around your city/town

Exploring your own city or town can be a fun and rewarding experience! There are always fun things to do that you may not have known about before. Perhaps you haven’t checked out the trendy new eateries downtown or ventured into the little shops in the hidden alleyways. By taking time to explore your local scenery, you could discover hidden gems and get an insight into the heart of your city or town. You could even pick up some souvenirs along the way, immersing yourself in all that is fun and unique in your very own hometown!

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In Conclusion

With so many unique activities that can be enjoyed from the safety of your home, you’ll never run out of ways to entertain yourself and those around you. Whether it’s at-home spa days or virtual game nights, there are plenty of exciting things for everyone to do — just get creative and have fun!

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