The Best Activities To Book in the United States

Discover the top activities to book across America, from outdoor adventure trips and sightseeing tours to unique experiences.

Walt Disney World

The United States is jam-packed with things to do. No matter which state you are in or how long you are there, you can fill your entire day with activities that you will remember forever. 

However, there are a handful of things you absolutely must do when you are in the US. Here are the best activities to book for your United States holiday. 

The Best Activities To Book in the United States

Walt Disney World 

Whether you need to drive overnight or get a private jet charter, no trip to the US is complete without a visit to Walt Disney World in Florida. Packed with rides, restaurants, shops, and experiences, you can have an entire holiday at the resort. 

Not only are there several hotels around the resort, but there are several within the property that you can stay at; this means you are never more than a short drive or walk away from having fun. 

Baseball game

Even if you are not a sports fan, you should definitely attend at least one baseball game while in the United States. Specifically, you should attend a game at the legendary Wrigley Field or Yankee Stadium.

Both are world-famous for being the two best baseball stadiums in the country. Drenched in history and tradition, there is arguably no better place to enjoy America’s favorite sport.


Often considered the center of art and culture in the United States, Broadway is home to many of the biggest and most successful stage shows of all time. No matter when you are in New York, you can attend a blockbuster. 

With over 41 theaters being part of the district, you can attend huge shows like Hamilton or The Lion King or small, independent shows if you are feeling a bit more adventurous. 

Statue of Liberty tour

The Statue of Liberty is a New York icon, and the best thing is that you don’t just have to look at it. You can choose between a tour of the statue or a boat tour that includes a beautiful view of the statue against the New York skyline. 

The statue tours can be rather pricey, but you can go all the way to the top and take in some of the most majestic views of the city and the surrounding sea. 

Statue of Liberty

Niagara Falls

There are few sights more breathtaking than Niagara Falls. The giant waterfall, found northwest of Buffalo, New York, attracts hundreds of thousands of tourists from across the world each year. 

The sheer size and power you see and experience just by standing near it will be hard to match with anything else. 

Las Vegas shows and parties 

If you are lucky enough to be in or around Las Vegas, you have to make the time to see one of its famous shows. Offering an amazing mix of theater, stage, and musical performances, there is something for everyone. 

Vegas and its hotels are also famed for throwing some of the biggest and best parties. Whether a nighttime rave with a world-famous DJ or a pool party where you can dance the day away, Vegas has it all. 

NASCAR at Talladega

Another huge event for the year is when the NASCAR series heads to Talladega. Watching NASCAR is a multi-day event, with fans treated to hundreds and hundreds of laps of high-speed power and driving skill. 

Once again, tickets can get expensive and scarce if you wait too long, but booking far in advance will ensure you get to enjoy one of the biggest spectacles of US motorsports. 


College football game

If you had to list the things Americans love the most, college football and tailgating would be in the top 10. Especially at a school like Ole Miss, Michigan, or Alabama, a game day starts hours before the players step onto the field. 

You can enjoy cold drinks, fresh barbeque, various fun activities, and everything else you need to have an unforgettable time at the game. 


Graceland, the former home and estate of Elvis Presley, has been a popular museum and mecca for Elvis fans for many years. Not only can you tour the area where he used to live, but you can also enjoy his favorite snack. 

The estate is packed with history and artifacts, and once you are finished, you can enjoy a toasted peanut butter and banana sandwich—an Elvis classic.  

Book a surf lesson

Finally, if you are in California, you should book at least one surf lesson in San Diego. San Diego, a spiritual home for many surfers, has some of the best beaches, waves, and water in the US. 

Even if you have never surfed before, the waves are calm enough to let you learn in a safe environment, and the instructors will have you catching a few waves in no time.

Surf Boards

In Conclusion

The United States has so much to offer, and no matter if you are visiting for a few days or looking to stay longer, it’s essential that you book the best activities. From Broadway shows in New York City to Statue of Liberty tours, from NASCAR at Talladega to surf lessons in San Diego, there is something for everyone! So make sure that you plan ahead and get out there and enjoy all this country has to offer. You won’t regret it!

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