College Series: Preparing Teen for a Solo Road Trip Home FROM College – #BeThereMoments

Have you been keeping up with our college series? I hope you have because it continues right now! Your teen has been at college for a while now, living their adult life and working hard to get their degree. Time has passed and your teen has matured a lot but now they are ready to drive home from college on their own to visit the family.  You are having a bit of nervousness because this will be the first solo road trip for your teen and you are fearful of what could happen. Today we will share with you some tips on how to prepare your teen for a solo road trip home from college in collaboration with Michelin.

  • Instruct your teen to check all fluid levels, gas and tire pressure on the car they will be using to drive home from college.
  • Make sure your teen has ample cell service and time on their cell phone to ensure they can call if an emergency arises.
  • Remind your teen the safety of wearing their seatbelt, driving within the speed limit and to take a break anytime they feel remotely tired.
  • Discuss any concerns your teen has regarding their first solo road trip home from college, address their concerns openly and honestly.

Once you have taken time to discuss the necessary safety items and addressed their concerns about driving solo home from college, it’s time to make sure they pack necessary items in case an emergency arises while they are on this road trip.

  • If cold weather is in session, have them pack hand warmers and a small emergency kit meant for people to stay warm & safe when their car breaks down in the middle of Winter.
  • If warmer weather is in session, have them pack some bottled waters and a cooler with ice to ensure they have enough to keep them cool if they break down.
  • Show your teen how to change their own flat tire and provide them with the tools necessary in case they get a flat tire on the solo road trip home.
  • Make sure your teen knows how to handle a situation if a stranger approaches them while they are in the middle of unknown towns on the road trip.
  • Discuss any concerns your teen has regarding preparation or anxiety of driving alone as a means to come visit you after being away at college.

There may be many mixed emotions from both the parents and the teen when it comes to trudging cross country to return home from college for the first time. Remember, we all learn from experience and this solo road trip will allow your teen to gain a lot of experience while enjoying a scenic trip home.

Remember to be there for your children, no matter where they go. Do you have a student headed off to college either this year or next? Read more stories from parents like me on and join the conversation by using the hashtag #BeThereMoments.

Let’s discuss: What other ways can you prepare your teen for a solo road trip home from college?

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