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Disclaimer:  I was given the products in this post for the purpose of a review. 

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If you have been following along on our blog for a while you may have read that mommy and I were struggling in the potty training department. This week we will be focusing on our trials of Potty Training and all the products we have used thus far. When mommy and I were contacted by Potty Patrol to review their product mommy without hesitation said yes. We have to admit that we have had it for quite a while now but didn’t start using it until a few weeks ago. Mommy wanted to be sure that I was really ready. If you have been reading our blog for a while, you may also know that mommy really takes her time with these reviews. Mommy doesn’t believe that using a product once makes for a good review. You don’t get the full benefit as if using it all or for quite some time. We did a post a few months ago that highlighted the signs that your baby may be ready for the potty. Unfortunately for mommy the signs are there but I’m just not ready to go potty yet. 

Now you may be wondering, what exactly is Potty Patrol? Alarm for your diapers? Sounds pretty high-tech right? Well let me tell you all about them.

Potty Patrol’s Potty Training Alarm Diapers are designed to notify you and your child when wetting occurs, so that you can place your child on the toilet immediately. Being placed on the toilet while the event is still fresh in your child’s mind helps them make the connection between cause and effect more quickly and effectively.

$19.99 – $34.99  Recommended when ready for the potty

Well mommy and I received the Girls Starter Kit which is great for your little ones weighing 25 – 40lbs. It included 24 diapers which came with sensors, the alarm which already included the batteries and a training guide. So how exactly does this work? Well instead of writing it, let me show it to you using the pretty pictures that Potty Patrol has made for you. This is a 6 step process and it’s also very simple. 

Putting the diaper on is just like putting on any ordinary diaper. There really isn’t much difference between them. Well there is just one tiny difference. Other diapers don’t come with an alarm system. The tabs that are used for your alarm system goes in the front. Easy right?

Next you snap the alarm on your diaper. It’s just like snapping in on those button tabs. 

Now this is where it gets tricky. Unless you’re focused on your little one you may not hear the music. It is fairly loud in a quiet room. With a room full of noisy children that’s an entire different story. I can say that my song had gone off a few times complete with alarm before mommy or daddy realized that I needed to sit on the potty. Alarm sounds like a mini siren. 

Once you hear the alarm be ready to have your toddler sit on the potty. It’s recommended to have your potty close by. Your toddler is supposed to associate going in her diaper and the potty once the music starts playing. Hopefully you won’t have to do it too often before they get the picture. I’m one of those stubborn ones who don’t really care too much. 

One your toddler has gone on the potty, you unsnap the alarm which resets it. Now this is probably where Potty Patrol may become expensive. A package of the starter pack only comes with 24 diapers. If you have to take it off and re-snap it on a new diaper after every tinkle then you’ll go through that starter pack very quickly. Without it on the diaper mommies and daddies never know when we tinkle. There has to be a way to solve that, hopefully soon. 

Well the process was pretty simple enough and mommy thinks that these would really have worked. They might still work but as I mentioned before I am still not ready for the potty. We ended up using the entire box and while I liked hearing the music when I tinkled in my diaper I really didn’t mind keeping on that wet diaper. I have to say that the alarm really worked. Mommy originally did a video using water on a new diaper and it didn’t work. I’m not sure what makes it work, but when I have the diaper on it works perfectly. 

So you may also be wondering, what about doing the other business in your diaper. How does that work? Well unfortunately it doesn’t. Our diaper only detected wetness so unless your toddler is having an episode of diarrhea the Potty Patrol would not work for that. It’s the only downfall with these diapers. One other thing that we didn’t like too much was the bulkiness of the diaper. We wished it was more slim lined like our regular diaper was. 

Besides that they are quite the product you may want to try (and I stress, if your toddler is really ready). Mommy plans on buying a few refills when I am ready because we think these will really work for us. Mommy and daddy just have to remember to make me sit on the potty as soon as my song “Twinkle, Twinkle Little Star” starts playing. This will also save quite a bit of money in the long run as well, once again if your little one is ready. 

Potty Patrol gets my Two Tiny Thumbs Up and we will be back to try it with the refills. 

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