6 Places You Must Visit After The Quarantine Ends

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From the past two to three months, we have all been in quarantine and believe it or not, but it’s taking a toll on everyone’s mental health. I am sure everyone must have a gazillion plans where some intend to go back to work; others want to hit the salon to get a trim, while some would want to grab a bite at their favorite restaurant, but for someone who loves to travel, what should they do, where should they go?

Well, we have them covered. Below is a list of different places that must be visited after the quarantine so that all that stress can be taken away, and you are ready to fresh start your life with a healthy and relaxed mind – happy traveling.

Lumahai Beach, Kauai, Hawaii


Lumahai is a white sand beach and the perfect destination to get away from all your worries. The quarantine time is not easy, and things will get to your head, so to release your tension and depression, this place is a must-visit, especially if you are into suffering.

I am sure as soon as the cold water touches your feet while you lay under the sun, you will forget all your worries. The breathtaking view of the beach will serve as a cherry on the cake.

Lake Louise, Alberta, Canada


Lake Louise is known around the world for its breathtaking view. It has blue waters, it has greenery, and it is fresh air. People who love to hike and people who love to camp both can get on board with this gorgeous place.

Make sure to travel to the lake on a motorcycle rather than a car to enjoy the wind and the views, and while you do, make sure you have your motorcycle earplugs to keep your ears safe and healthy.  When you look at the scenery, you will wonder that it is a painting that you are staring at, but it is real.

Therefore, if you are looking for a fun outdoor vacation with beautiful views, you know where to book the tickets to.

Rio Celeste Fals, Costa Rica


Rio Celeste falls are located in the Tenorio Volcano National Park. As evident from the name, Rio Celeste is known for its beautiful yet calming blue waters, which are different and unique in their way, but one thing is for sure that there is no other waterfall like this in the world. The question that comes into the mind at this point is, what makes the water so blue at this waterfall?

The bright color of the water is because of the volcanic chemicals that are in the water. Once you see the water rushing down, against the tropical background with its rushing waves, you are bound to fall in love with it because it looks magical.

Nord Fjord, Norway


Nord fjord is another breathtaking place with its beautiful views that can calm an individual down, especially after the quarantine. It is known for its views that seem unreal, but luckily they aren’t, and the best part is every visitor can take their time to absorb the beauty they are surrounded by.

You can take a slow cruise, which will be full of pleasure to explore the glaciers, the open sea, and the mountains. You can see all of it in two hours. It is a perfect place for a romantic date, for anyone looking to get away from the busy life of the city, for family time, and the ideal nature detour for anyone who has just got out of quarantine.

Blue Lagoon, Iceland


Blue Lagoon is one of the famous destinations of Iceland. Blue Lagoon is a geothermal spa that is located in a lava field with a well-known resort attached to it.  You can soak in the water even when it is freezing outside.

A person suffering from depression and anxiety would go crazy in the lockdown since their thoughts tend to go against them, therefore, to soak in hot water on a cold day would do magic for them as it will help them feel relaxed. The best part about Blue Lagoon is that on some nights of the year, you can see northern lights making your experience more magical.

Navagio Beach, Greece


Navagio was once thought to be the hub for smugglers since a lot of ships used to wreck alongside its shore. The word Navagio means “shipwreck,” but as time passed, the shipwrecks decreased, and one day finished.

Now, at Navagio beach, you will only find breathtaking views, blue water, and immaculate sands. The beach is rugged, but it is calm and perfect for spending your vacation after the quarantine as it can take away all your stress, leaving you relaxed and wanting more of the serene beach.


6 Places You Must Visit When You Can Travel

Places You Must Visit

6 Places You Must Visit When You Can

6 Places You Must Visit

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