Almost Wordless Wednesday – My Chinese New Year Celebration – Year of the Monkey

The Chinese New Year officially began on Monday, February 8th and this year it’s the Year of the Monkey. While Colorado doesn’t have an extensive Asian community, however there is an Asian Pacific Market and every year the celebration is held there. There are traditional dances and food and it’s an amazing event. Mommy decided to take me once again this year. My last experience was 2 years ago when I celebrated the Year of the Horse. The celebration this year wasn’t much different from the past but I enjoyed it just as much, and maybe quite possibly more since I was much older as well. It’s also been a while since I’ve done an Almost Wordless Wednesday post and I think this is the prefect one for this.

I got there while they were still getting things together, but there was so much people there and everyone was so much bigger than I was that it was hard to see. Luckily for me I happened to have the best seat in the house. It doesn’t get any better than sitting up high. I was able to see EVERYTHING.

I saw the traditional dragon dance which is often seen at Chinese New Year Celebrations. The dragon which are a symbol of China is believed to bring good luck and the longer the dragon, the more good luck it will bring.  They are usually colorful and I just love seeing them.

I also got to see the traditional lion dance. It’s another that I saw the last time I went to the celebration. There were quite a few colors and while the traditional dragon dance is done by many dancers, the lion dance is done with two. They are entirely covered so you can’t see their faces. It sure was fun to see, especially at the end when the lion climbed the pole.

All in all it was an amazing celebration and I really enjoyed it. It lasted well into the night and maybe when I’m a bit older I might do the night celebration which I’m sure was a lot of fun. In the meantime May Your Heart Be Filled With Love. Have a great Wednesday!

Let’s discuss: If you’ve been to a Chinese New Year celebration what did you enjoy the most? 

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