7 Must-Visit Tourist Attractions in Athens, Greece

Greece is one of those countries that’s brimming with history and glory. You’ll probably recognize one or two places in the country famous for their Greek mythology reference.

If you fancy a historical tour, there’s no other place in Greece than Athens to feed your fantasy. If you’re curious about exploring the city in the most touristy way, do your research and learn more about Athens travel information.

Here are seven of the must-visit tourist attractions in Athens for your adventurous geek self:

Must-Visit Attractions in Athens

1. The Acropolis

This UNESCO World Heritage site is a famous destination when someone mentions Athens. You can never leave this city without taking a tour of the famous landmark.

You can find many monuments and buildings on this site, one of which is the Parthenon temple ruins perched on a hill. The Acropolis is one of the few remaining locations where ancient Greek is still apparent.

This same site used to be the center of the ancient city where plenty of historical events took place. To see it and walk around its ground could bring goosebumps to any wandering adventurers.

If you want to have a 180-degree view of The Acropolis, make sure you have the best trekking poles with you. A 20-minute bus ride from the city to Kaisariani and another 30 minutes of walk to the surrounding forest, and you can reach the western slopes of Mount Hymettus.

From there, you can take on an easy hike and enjoy the sunset view over The Acropolis.

2. Plaka

After your trip to the ancient sites at the Acropolis, you can go straight to Plaka as it is just under the Acropolis.

It is one of Athens’s oldest neighborhoods with distinct old town charm and humble alleys and walkways. You can take a quiet afternoon in one of the coffee shops in this area where you can go people-watching.

3. Theatre of Dionysus

Anyone who loves theater plays, whether a thespian or a fan, will surely enjoy a trip to the Theatre of Dionysus. It’s one of those ancient Greek sites that will truly make your trip one for the books.

This theater used to be the site for famous plays written by tragic poets like Aeschylus, Sophocles, and Euripides. There were also great comedies that took place on this site. 

It can be found inside the Acropolis, where many ancient sites are still open for tourists to see. So if you want to be in the presence of a 6th century BCE site, you know exactly where to go.

4. Parthenon

If Athena is your favorite Greek goddess, then, Parthenon should be on top of your list when you visit Athens, Greece. You should pay your respects to the goddess of war by gracing the Parthenon ruins and getting to feel the vibe of ancient civilization spirits.

Parthenon might be the most famous landmark in Athens. Thus, there’s no point in skipping this part of the tour if you want to experience what Athens is all about.

Besides, it’s also one of the perfect spots for a good view of the entire city and a good photo opportunity. 

Must-Visit Attractions in Athens

5. Lycabettus Hill

The Lycabettus Hill sits 277 meters above sea level, making it the highest point in Athens.

There’s a walkway wrapped around the hill for those who love some walking action. But for those who don’t have the energy to hike up the mountain, you can opt to ride an extraordinary train ride or a cable car to bring you up the spot.

Lycabettus Hill is so high up you can see the Acropolis from this point. However, the best part of being on top of Athens is when you stay until around six in the evening to witness the most magical sunsets in Greece. 

6. Erechtheion

The Erechtheion is another ancient ruin inside the Acropolis. It’s smaller than Parthenon, but it still holds colossal significance when it comes to Athens and Greece’s history.

The primary purpose of this structure was to house the wooden statue of the Greek goddess Athena. This is to maintain its religious significance.

This monument had seen a lot of neglect and disrespect in the past. But its purpose and charm have made it one of the most iconic sites in Acropolis.

7. Monastiraki

Monistariki is what will give you a taste of the shopping situation in Athens.

This famous flea market will provide you with all that you’re looking for. You can buy authentic items in some parts of the neighborhood, but you can also go for a hoax version if you don’t have the money to splurge.

Monastiraki is a vibrant community that will make you appreciate the Greek market culture more. You know what they say, you can never really experience one city or town if you haven’t been to one of their markets.

So when you visit Athens, make sure to make a stop at Monastiraki.

Must-Visit Attractions in Athens


From having a historical tour around Acropolis to wandering the streets of Plaka, Athens will always have a charm. It’s one of the safest places in Greece that is tourist-friendly

Of course, you should always take extra caution when exploring a foreign city, especially if it’s your first time. So if you’re wary, you may book a tour with a reputable travel agency for your peace of mind.

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