Plymouth: The City of Gin and its Historic Port

Plymouth: The City of Gin and its Historic Port

 In Devon’s county, at the mouth of the River Tamar is the famous port of the city of Plymouth. One of Britain’s most widespread and historic ports was the place where the British navy defeated the Spanish fleet, an event that marked the country’s influence and power around the world. This historic port was one of the most important centers of commerce, as well as one of the most crucial naval bases on the entire island of Great Britain. So we understand that we are talking about an area with rich historical importance, which continues in these modern times to attract its visitors.

Plymouth is a beautiful city surrounded by coastal areas, protected by high hills, and adorned with lush forests and verdant meadows. The town of Plymouth has all those characteristics of a beautiful provincial town, while at the same time it remains a modern one full of well-built infrastructures that are ideally combined with the various samples of Gothic architecture of the past.


If you are looking for the best view of the city, you should head to Plymouth Hoe. There you will discover Smeaton’s Tower, where you’ll find the fantastic panoramic view you were looking for. Of course, we hope that the towers’ 93 steps do not look like much to you. If you happen to visit the place in August, then try to attend the British Fireworks Championship (yes, there is such a thing). This event gathers people from all over the country, and it makes perfect sense because the spectacle is enchanting.

Also, Plymouth Hoe Park’s wider area is ideal for relaxing walks and games with your friends and family, especially in West Hoe Park, where there is also a tiny railroad that children will surely love. The coastal road that crosses the whole area and extends for kilometers is an experience that you must live, behind a car’s wheel. Most likely visiting Plymouth Hoe you will not have a vehicle for your travels. That is definitely not a problem, since there are options for rental cars.

By renting a car, you will not be able to experience this unique driving experience, but you will solve the problem of your travels throughout your journey. So if you are looking for car hire in the greater Plymouth area, then Enjoy Travel can offer you the solution. A wide variety of rental vehicles, at affordable prices, for everyone so that everyone has the opportunity to move from area to area with safety and economy.

Plymouth: The City of Gin and its Historic Port


The National Marine Aquarium could not be left out, being the largest aquarium in the country. And as you can imagine, in this aquarium one can find all those elements that make this aquarium the most important in the country. Training programs suitable for all ages, state-of-the-art screens, and more species of sharks than any other aquarium in the country, turn this walk of yours into real contact with the planet’s rare underwater life. All the aquarium elements contribute to your ideal contact with the underwater world, in a completely interactive experience. Certainly, there are additional state-of-the-art facilities such as restaurants and souvenir shops, and gift shops for all of you to buy everything you might need, from teddy-sharks and keychains.


Around Sutton Harbor and next to the National Marine Aquarium, you can find dozens of examples of the old architecture of past centuries in the paved district of The Barbican. From historical sites to royal gardens, this area can satisfy even the most demanding visitor. Continuing at Sutton Pool, you can board a boat that will take you around the harbor. The Mayflower Museum has a special significance for American tourists who visit it every year because it refers to the New World’s history. In general, the Barbican region is an area full of life, cultural events, and its various businesses, which offers its visitors all those things that people are looking for from their trip: historical monuments, cultural events, and a massive range of small and large businesses for all tastes.

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