Mugler’s Alien Goddess Supra Florale

This fragrance was gifted by Mugler USA; however, all opinions are mine alone.

I didn’t think that I would love Mugler’s Alien Goddess Supra Florale, but I do!

Alien Goddess Supra Florale

I first fell in love with Mugler fragrances when I was gifted a bottle of Alien by my daughter right after I wrote the post about my favorite designer fragrances in 2018. You might have caught a glimpse of it in this article, where I talked about how to choose the right perfume for you. Since then, Mugler’s Alien has been a staple in my scent station, even after I branched out to niche fragrances, it’s still one that I reach for excessively. I’ve gotten so many compliments while wearing it and have referred it to countless others.

I’m actually now on my possibly sixth or seventh refill, as I’ve found out that purchasing the refillable bottle is the way to go. Not only is it environmentally friendly, but it’s also friendly on your wallet as well. Mugler is hands-down one of my favorite designer fragrance houses. Missing from my lineup below are my Mugler Angel Elixir and my Alien Goddess Intense (which is to die for).

From left to right: Mugler Les Exceptions Naughty Fruity, Alien, Alien Goddess, and Alien Goddess Supra Florale, which we will be chatting about today.

As I mentioned earlier, Alien has been one of my go-to fragrances. There is nothing quite like it. However, when Alien Goddess was released, I have to admit that I was slightly disappointed. It didn’t have the amber woody notes that I’ve always associated with Alien and seemed like a more watered-down version. I wasn’t too impressed. But then they released Alien Goddess Intense, and I was absolutely floored. I reached for it much more than I did for my original Alien and needed a new bottle within a month.

Now Supra Florale, the latest flanker in the Alien lineup, is also one that I’m in love with. Supra Florale is an amber floral and has the amber note that I’ve always associated with Alien but with a floral twist. Let’s get into all the details of this wonderful fragrance.

Alien Goddess Supra Florale Fragrance

Alien Goddess Supra Floral

Supra Florale is the newest fragrance by Mugler, launched in 2023. It is a floral amber scent released in an Eau de Parfum concentration and available in sizes 10, 30, 60, and 90 ml.

Top Notes:

  • Prickly Pear
  • Cactus Flower

Middle Notes:

  • Jasmine Sambac
  • Immortelle

Base Notes:

  • Amber
  • Desert Rose
  • Musk
Mugler Supra Florale

My Thoughts on Mugler’s Alien Goddess Supra Florale

Mugler does a great job of combining fruity and musky together, and what you’re left with is a sensual but still flirty fragrance with amazing sillage, although not as intense as the Goddess Intense. It’s not as annoyingly sweet as most florals are, and I’d love to consider this a floral gourmand.

Supra Florale has a more gentle and feminine feel to it, but it packs enough of a punch that you’ll still get compliments on it. It’s really an easy fragrance to wear, as it works well in both daytime and nighttime settings. I find myself reaching for this one quite often whenever I’m looking for something sweet but also long-lasting. Every time I wear this, I’m reminded of how much Mugler has embraced their feminine side. It’s definitely worth a try if you’re looking for something different!

But what makes Alien Goddess Supra Florale special? It’s the combination of both fruity and musky notes that makes this fragrance so amazing. The addition of the Prickly Pear top note just adds a wonderful sweet yet slightly tart scent on top of the cactus flower note, which gives it more depth than your typical floral fragrance. The base notes of amber and desert rose provide a nice earthiness to this blend, while the musk adds another layer of complexity to it. People of all genders can easily wear this fragrance because it combines all these various components to create an alluring and lovely scent.

Alien Goddess Supra Florale

On the first spray, you will definitely get the floral. I can smell a bit of the pear (maybe jasmine), and I’m not exactly sure what a cactus flower smells like, but together they’re amazing. However, the drydown is where it’s at. You get a nice, warm amber-vanilla scent that is perfect for the fall or winter. But don’t get me wrong; it’s also perfect for the spring and summer months as well. It’s one that you can reach for all year without feeling like you’re “doing too much”.

I wouldn’t recommend over-spraying Supra Florale. A few spritzes are really all you need, as it’s extremely strong with massive projection. I noticed that the scent lasted at least 6 hours after spraying, but it will definitely last a lot longer if sprayed on your clothing. I haven’t noticed any staining on my clothing once I sprayed, but do your due diligence if you’re thinking about spraying on white clothing.

Alien Goddess Supra Florale Fragrance

In Conclusion

Overall, I think that Mugler did a great job with this flanker to the Alien Goddess line. It’s definitely worth checking out if you’re looking for something special. The combination of fruity and musky notes gives it an extra edge that makes it stand out from other fragrances on the market today. I highly recommend this one for days when you want to make a statement and turn heads!

While I think the original Alien is more on the grown-up side, this new Supra Florale can be gifted to anyone. Even your teens, who are navigating the world of fragrances. This is one that I will also be gifting for the holidays.

Mugler’s Alien Goddess Supra Florale is perfect for the cooler months and has something special that will appeal to anyone who loves Mugler’s Alien Goddess collection. Plus, it comes in different sizes, so you can find the perfect fit for your budget too. So if you’re looking for a special gift or just want to treat yourself, then this is definitely the one to go for!

This fragrance was gifted by Mugler USA; however, all opinions are mine alone.
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