How to Tell if a Long-Distance Relationship Is Worth It

How to Tell if a Long-Distance Relationship Is Worth It

All relationships have difficult moments but long-distance relationships can be particularly hard. Being away from your partner can add so much pressure to a relationship and can make it very difficult to retain a connection. Small disagreements can easily be blown up into full-fledged arguments without the opportunity to speak and explain to your partner face to face. Yet our globalized world means that more and more couples are finding themselves in a long-distance relationship because of a job or some other responsibility. Keeping these relationships going requires hard work, patience, and commitment to your partner.

But how do you know if your relationship is even one which you should try to make work? Here is how to tell if a long-distance relationship is worth it.

1. You Can Trust Each Other

Trust is one of the most important aspects in every successful relationship but it is particularly important in long-distance relationships as you and your partner will be away from each other, meeting new people and having your own experiences. Issues can arise from something totally minor like going out after work for drinks or mentioning a colleague’s name a few times. If you don’t trust your partner 100%, being away from them can easily lead to conclusions being jumped to which aren’t true. These conclusions will lead to accusations which in the end can jeopardize a relationship even though there is actually no truth in the suspicions.

2. You Have Plans to be Together

When making the decision to enter into a long-distance relationship, or to move away from your current partner, it is most likely to be successful if there is a reasonably finite date for that arrangement. Couples in long-distance relationships who have a clear idea of when they are going to be together again find it far easier to deal with the separation and all the resulting difficulties because they know that it is only for a certain period of time. If you have no plans to actually live in the same place eventually, it can be very difficult to see how your relationship has a future, which makes commitment very difficult.

How to Tell if a Long-Distance Relationship Is Worth It

3. You Look Forward to Speaking

Different couples find that different communication plans work best for them in long-distance relationships. Some commit to speaking every day, while others agree to just stay in touch by text and then video call a couple of times a week when they are free. What is most important is that you stick to the agreed schedule. When you do talk to your partner, there are some useful questions for couples to gauge where exactly you are in your lives and relationships. You can ask your partner if long-distance is still working for them if their feelings have changed at all, and how you can support them. Open communication is so important in long-distance relationships, no matter how often you chat, but if you find you are not even looking forward to speaking to your partner, that is often not a good sign.

4. You Visit Each Other When Possible

As well as looking forward to speaking to your partner, it is so important that you also look forward to seeing them. While it is rarely possible to see your long-distance partner regularly, you should try to meet whenever a chance does arise. If you both have a free week and there is an opportunity to spend it together, it is vital that you prioritize that and don’t choose to go away with your friends or anything else. When you or your partner decide not to take opportunities to see each other when possible, it may spell trouble for your long-term future together.

5. You Stay Committed

Everyone is at a different stage of their lives, and some people’s relationships are more serious than others. If you have decided with your partner to be in a long-distance relationship, however, it is likely that your relationship is a serious one. In this case, your level of commitment to your partner is a key factor in ensuring that your long-distance relationship is successful. We all meet other people in our lives who we feel a connection to and who, in other circumstances, we might be interested in, but if you find yourself acting on that kind of feeling because your partner is not with you, it is time to re-examine whether you are still fully committed to them.

How to Tell if a Long-Distance Relationship Is Worth It

Long-distance relationships can be a huge test for any couple, and for many, the time apart will either make or break the relationship. Knowing whether a long-distance relationship is even worth it is very important because it will stop you from wasting your time and the opportunity of meeting someone else. Follow this guide and you will know if what you have is really worth fighting for.

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