How Knowing Your MBTI Type Can Help You in Your Romantic Relationships

Dating can be an absolute nightmare in this day and age. From being catfished and ghosted, to thinking that something is going somewhere good only to be let down yet again… It’s easy to want to give up completely and live your life solo.

While there’s nothing wrong with enjoying single life (some people find it the most fulfilling way to live), there’s still hope for your romantic future.

Understanding your MBTI personality type (and the personality type of your partner) is a sure-fire route to getting to know one another better, good communication, and overall success in your relationship. If you’re interested in the MBTI, here are a few ways it can help you in your relationships.


Understanding Your Own Behavior

We may think we know ourselves like the backs of our own hands, but it can be difficult to really look deep and identify our weak points and our needs and behaviors in a relationship. 

We’re all different – an ENFP in love will behave completely differently to an INFJ when it comes to relationships, and a lack of understanding of your own behaviors can lead to conflicts. When you know yourself, it’s easier to communicate your needs to your partner. 

Understanding Their Behavior

When you know what makes someone tick, how their brains work, what they need, etc. it becomes a whole lot easier to grasp why they do the things they do. Behavior that might seem incomprehensible to you will become clear when you have an understanding of their personality type.

Being able to understand one another in a relationship is an important factor in avoiding conflict and communicating effectively. 

Understanding Your Own Wants and Needs

Once you understand why you behave in certain ways, it’s also important to understand what you need from a romantic partner and why you need those things. 

The MBTI goes further than the simple “I’m looking for someone who can make me laugh” and will help you understand what your needs are in terms of communication, how you feel love, how you feel heard and appreciated, and more. Not everyone expresses affection, love, admiration, etc. in the same way, and this can sometimes make it feel like those elements aren’t present at all. 

Understanding Their Wants and Needs

Similarly, when you understand your partner’s needs in a relationship, it becomes a lot easier to show them love in the way they need to feel it. Whether this is through practically helping them through their problems, simply listening and being present, talking to them, or offering space – understanding their own personal needs will make all of this easier and ensure they feel loved by you.

Learn How to Deal With Conflict

Amongst all of this will come a greater ability to work through conflict. Different personality types have different conflict styles too – when you understand this it becomes easier to compromise and work together.

Whether you both need space or both need to talk things through, or perhaps you each need something different, the MBTI will help you figure these things out together.

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