Is Private School Better Than Homeschooling?

If you are getting ready to send your kids to school but really don’t like the public school system in your area, you have two choices. You can send your kids to private school or take on the task yourself and homeschool them. It’s not an easy choice to make as there are so many differences. You aren’t comparing apples to apples in this scenario. 

Each has its advantages and disadvantages, so it is not a clear case that can be made for either. What it depends on is your situation and how each one can work with your needs. To do so, you need to look at each side by side to compare. In this article, we will go over what you need to know about both options so you can make the right choice. 

Private school

On just about every metric, private schools outperform public ones. This isn’t to say that all public schools are bad, it’s just that private schools are much better, and for good reason. The teachers have to be the cream of the crop. Even the students themselves have to be very good and capable. Private preparatory school admissions are not easy for just anybody to glide through. 

Before you can decide if you want to send your child to a private school or if you would rather homeschool, you have to make sure that you are preparing your child for the rigors of the admissions process. You should start them on a path to private school from a young age and focus on their schooling as a career so they can be accepted. 

You should also consider the cost. Private school tuition is out of reach for the average family. It can cost as much as college tuition for some schools, so you have to be ready to pay for it and possibly even take out loans to do so. Look at it as an investment since you are setting your child up for future success by sending them to a private school. 

Not only are they getting an excellent education, but there are also the networking possibilities that come from going to a private school that they take with them for the rest of their lives. 


Homeschooling is going to be a much different beast than private school. There are so many ways that parents go about homeschooling, so there isn’t one way that trumps them all. 

The basics, however, are that you have to have the time to devote to it as a teacher and that you have a very well planned curriculum so that your child doesn’t fall behind their peers. It can be a much more enriching learning experience for them, but the pieces have to be put in place and planned out well ahead of time. 

If you have a network of other homeschooling families, then the experience will be much more rewarding for both the parents and the students. It’s important for the kids to have peers that are also homeschooling, so they have a social network and don’t feel isolated. 

The advantages of homeschooling are that the students can learn at their own pace, and the parents can tailor the curriculum to their child’s individual needs and interests. Homeschooling is also flexible in terms of scheduling, so you can work it around other commitments that you may have. 

The disadvantages are that it takes a lot of time to do properly, and it can be expensive if you aren’t able to find free resources or if you need to hire somebody to help you out. You also need to make sure that your child is getting enough social interaction so they don’t feel isolated from the outside world.

In Conclusion

So which one is better? Is private school better than homeschooling?

It depends on your circumstances. If you have the time and energy to devote to homeschooling, and if you are able to provide your child with a good social network, then it can be a great option. If you want your child to have the best education possible and can afford it, then private school is the way to go. It’s not an easy decision, but hopefully, this article has helped shed some light on the pros and cons of each so that you can make the best choice for your family. 

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