How To React To Being Attacked By Dogs On The Street

Don’t let a dog attack take you by surprise! Learn how to properly handle and react in the event of an aggressive canine with these essential tips.

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When someone’s out and about and gets attacked by a dog, it can be a frightening and dangerous experience. It’s important to know how to respond in this type of situation so that you can protect yourself as best as possible. This article provides helpful tips on how to react when being attacked by dogs on the street. This includes what safety measures to take and how to handle aggressive dogs in order to avoid further injury.

How to React to a Dog Attack

Avoid Risky Areas

Prevention is better than cure when it comes to dealing with dangerous situations like these. However, it may be that a dog attack has already happened to you. To avoid such scenarios happening again, try to stay away from places that have known cases of dog attacks.

These animals may feel threatened if they believe their territory is being invaded, so it’s always better to steer clear of places where dogs roam free and unsupervised.

Understand The Law

In many states, strict liability applies to dog bite incidents. This means that the owner is legally responsible for any harm caused by their animal – regardless of whether they were aware of its aggressive tendencies. This makes it easier for victims to seek compensation from pet owners. It also encourages the owners to take the necessary precautions to prevent such incidents.

Sometimes negligence plays a role in the attack, such as when an owner fails to properly secure their animal, or knowingly allows it to wander freely. In these cases, victims may also be able to file negligence claims against the dog owners. They can claim additional damages, including medical expenses and lost wages, if the court deems them appropriate. Perhaps you’re wondering, ‘What is the One Bite Rule?‘ or whether you need to hire a dog bite lawyer. If so, attorneys have helpful websites, and they can explain things like Dangerous Dog Laws, Leash Laws, and Lillian’s Law.

Remain Calm

During dog attacks, it’s natural to feel panicked and helpless. However, remaining calm is essential to avoid the situation escalating even further. Dogs can sense fear and agitation in humans, which can make them more aggressive toward you. The first step is to try to remain as still as possible. Avoid making sudden movements or loud noises that might startle the dogs even more.

Keep your hands at your sides rather than raising them above your head or waving them around. Don’t make direct eye contact with the dogs because it can be interpreted as a challenge or threat. Instead, look away slightly while keeping an eye on their movements out of the corner of your eye.

Take Practical Steps

If you have something in your hand (like a bag, jacket, or umbrella), hold it out in front of you so it can act as a barrier between you and the dog. If you don’t have anything, try using your forearm instead. If you’re carrying food or anything else that could attract the dogs’ attention, put it away immediately. Avoid running away, as this may trigger its chase instinct.

Speak calmly and firmly to the dogs in a low voice while slowly backing away. Don’t turn around until you’re out of their reach or someone has come to help you. Use pepper spray if you have it available, but be cautious. It may also affect those around you and cause harm in windy conditions.

Seek Medical Help Immediately

Even if the injuries sustained seem minor, it’s crucial to get checked quickly by a medical professional. Dog bites can quickly become infected, and the severity of the injury may not be immediately apparent. You should ensure that any necessary treatments and vaccinations are administered promptly. In some instances, rabies shots or tetanus boosters may be required. These procedures can prevent potentially life-threatening complications from developing later on.

Your doctor will create a medical file detailing the event. This can be used as vital evidence to support your personal injury claim. You should also keep any documentation or invoices related to treatments and prescription medications. These things will help your lawyer decide how much to request in compensation, in addition to your claim for pain and suffering.

Seek Therapy If Necessary

There is no shame in seeking help after a traumatic event. It’s true that some people may be able to move on from the experience without professional support. However, others may need extra assistance to process their emotions, and cope with any lingering effects (e.g., fear of dogs or going outside).

Group therapy can be especially helpful for those who feel isolated or alone after an attack. If you find a group of people who’ve gone through similar experiences, it’ll provide a sense of community. There’ll also be a measure of understanding that can be difficult to find elsewhere. Group therapy sessions are often more affordable than one-on-one meetings, making them more accessible for those who may not have insurance or financial resources.

Seek Help Immediately

If you find yourself being attacked by dogs on the street, don’t hesitate to call out for help. Shout loud enough for someone to hear and come to your aid, but try not to startle the dogs (as mentioned earlier). If there are no people around, try making noise by banging on a nearby object or clapping your hands together. These actions may make the dogs back off. If there’s a car or house nearby, try getting inside and closing the door behind you until the dogs have left.

If there were any bystanders who saw the event occur, take their contact information afterward. They may be willing to supply a witness statement that could support your legal claim. If they’re willing, use your phone to record their account of what happened. This way, everything will be fresh in the person’s memory.

It’s also wise to research the possible warning signs, and ways to take control of fear and anxiety. Thanks to the tips supplied in this article, you’ll hopefully feel more empowered. You’ll have greater control over what happens around you, and will better know how to handle wayward dogs.

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