How to Plan an Amazing Arizona Road Trip

Are you trying to plan your next trip to Arizona, but you don’t know where to start? We can help you with that.

This southwestern state has such beautiful places with lots of activities you can do there. It’s one of the best places to visit while on vacation, and we recommend that everyone do so at least once. It’s a great place to visit if you love adventure and breathtaking nature.

Because there are many things you can do in Arizona, many become overwhelmed by it and don’t know where to start their planning. That’s why we are here to help you. Let us share our vision of what a perfect Arizona road trip looks like and how you can easily plan it, because everyone should travel.

How to Plan an Amazing Arizona Trip

How Long Should Your Road Trip Last?  

If you don’t know how many days you should leave for this trip, the answer is, the more, the better. It’s a huge state, and there are numerous things you can visit and experience, but you can’t do it all in just a couple of days.

So, the first thing is to see how much time you can spare on this journey and start your planning here. The least you can do is two weeks, but it would be great if you have time for more. Of course, there’s a possibility of planning a 7-day trip and visiting only a few things. And continue the exploration some other time.  

Decide What You Want to Visit  

As mentioned, this magnificent state is not tiny, and many locations are worth your visit. However, you don’t have to visit them all, especially if you don’t have enough time. If you are tight on time, you can plan a perfect 7-day trip and see the most significant places in Arizona.  

We recommend you visit Phoenix, Sedona, and the almighty Grand Canyon. Here you’ll be able to enjoy the mesmerizing landscapes and breathtaking nature.

Where You Should Start  

The best way to start your Arizona trip is in Phoenix, especially if you are flying to this state. Here, you can rent a car and start your adventure, because you’ll need it. It’s also great to end your trip to Phoenix, where you’ll catch your flight home.

The Great Arizona Road Trip 

Phoenix is a city of many opportunities, but you don’t have to spend much time here. You can walk around town a bit, visit the Desert Botanical Garden, hike around town, and catch some incredible sunsets. And don’t forget to visit the Superstition Mountains. You’ll want to come to this park in the morning so you can freely explore everything and hike around. 

Once you head to the Grand Canyon and Sedona, you can make a pit stop at a golf park and explore Scottsdale golf packages. 

One of the highlights of Arizona is Sedona, with its gorgeous views. Here you can find great trails for hiking and picnic too. Try the Soldier Pass Trail and the West Fork of Oak Creek if you like to hike.  

The world-famous Grand Canyon should be on everyone’s bucket list, and you should spend at least 2 days there. You can hike, explore, and enjoy this unique piece of nature.

The things you should do while at the Grand Canyon are the hikes, and the ones for everyone are the Rim hikes. You can easily hike the Rim trail, and if you are into extreme hikes, you can go below the Rim. Visit Mather Point and the Yavapai Geology Museum at Yavapai Point. And remember, you are in Arizona, so it’s going to be hot, so plan your hikes early in the morning.

Another thing you have to do is the scenic drive to Desert view. There are many viewpoints alongside this drive, and you can choose to stop at any you like the most. It’s the best way to get to know the canyon and enjoy the magnificent nature. And the best time is a few hours before sunset to catch the most beautiful one in your life. Arizona sunsets are one of a kind, and you shouldn’t miss them.  

If You Have a Few More Days 

If you have a few more days, you can visit Tucson and Saguaro National Park. Here you’ll find more great hike options and an outstanding scenic drive from Hohokam Road to the Golden Gate once you are in the most popular part of the park. Also, don’t forget to drive the Cactus Forest Loop Drive, as you can see most of the park during the trip. 

We hope that we have given you some insight into planning your trip to Arizona, and we are sure you’ll have a great time on your journey.

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