How to Physically Prepare for Your Walking Vacation

When you explore a new place on foot, you can observe small details and stay off the beaten path. The popularity of walking tours has grown over the years. The preparation for walking tours is also very simple. While it may seem like they require a lot of hiking experience, that’s not the case. A walking holiday is something that anyone of any age or skill level can enjoy as long as they prepare correctly.

In the worst-case scenario, you could arrive at your holiday destination and find that your tours are a bit too challenging for your skill level. Taking the time to prepare both your gear and your physical fitness will help you to get the most out of your walking holiday. 

Whether you visit the lush green countryside of Ireland with TD Active Walking Holidays or go on a city tour of Hong Kong, you will need to get in shape before heading out. Let’s look at how to train for your walking tour adventure physically.

Gather Your Gear

You won’t be able to take your larger luggage with you on a walking tour, so you must prepare a smaller, more appropriate bag for your travels. Some of the essential items that you will need for a walking vacation include:

  • Sturdy walking boots
  • Multi-pocket backpack
  • Water bottle and water filter
  • First aid kit
  • Sun protection
  • High protein snacks
  • Extra clothing

You may want to contact your tour agent about any other necessary equipment or gear for your trip. Every destination is different, and you will encounter various challenges along your tour. Do a bit of research about the expected conditions and weather at your vacation location to better understand what you will be facing. 

Ramp Up Your Steps

A walking tour doesn’t require you to walk ten miles daily, but you should do more cardio exercise each week to prepare. Your endurance will increase as a result, and you will be able to walk longer without feeling tired. You don’t want to spend your walking vacation lagging at the back of the pack or missing out on the sights because you need to take repeated breaks. 

The best way to train is by walking, but you can also increase your heart rate by bicycling, jogging, or doing other cardio activities. During the six weeks before you depart, engage in cardio exercise twice a week. It’s essential to warm up your muscles with some basic stretches before you begin your training.

Practice Elevation Hiking

Performing your cardio exercises in hilly or incline-laden terrain will be beneficial. Even leisurely tours require walking or climbing to reach landmarks and scenic points. Visiting neighborhoods with rolling hills or sloped hiking trails can help build your endurance.

Most hiking trails have some manner of elevation loss and gain. It’s unlikely, unless you are using city park paths, that you will be walking on a level surface. To help you build up your endurance, you need to hit the hills. This will help you establish a manageable pace as well as build up your muscles.

Try Out Your Poles

When hiking up an incline, trekking poles can be a huge help. Additionally, they benefit walkers with leg, knee, or back issues due to their ability to take the weight off the joints. When you are hiking or walking on uneven ground, your trekking poles will help give you additional balance and secure footing. 

If you have never used trekking poles, it’s best to get out for some practice before your walking vacation. Your poles may seem awkward at first, but after some practice, they will become comfortable extensions of your body. Take the time to make sure that they are at the right height for your frame. When you hold the handles, your elbow should be bent at ninety degrees.

Practice With Full Gear

You want to duplicate the accurate conditions when preparing for your walking vacation. Your backpack will add weight to your frame, so it’s essential to do some of your practice exercises while wearing all of your gear. Take this time to break in your walking boots, find suitable clothing that won’t chafe or bunch, and get used to the weight of your pack. By doing this, you will end up being more confident and comfortable when you are on your vacation.

Pay Attention To The Reviews And Recommendations

When you are researching your walking holiday, your queries should go beyond the attractions that are available. Walking all day every day can be extremely tiring, and you should take the time to investigate what you can expect. 

Your tour company should have a complete outline and itinerary of your trip that you can review. It should list the walking routes, distances, expected stops, and trail conditions. This information will help you to not only pack the right gear but also know how to prepare physically for your journey. 

If you are excited about your upcoming walking tour vacation, now is the time to prepare physically. Walking is considered moderate exercise, but daily tours can take a toll on an unconditioned body. Follow these tips to help you get ready for your walking adventure. 

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