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Congratulations! You’ve landed a job interview! Now it’s time to meet your future employer and coworkers face-to-face. While there may be more to you than meets the eye, these people don’t know you and won’t care to get to know you, if you don’t make the right first impression and the Prado X3 can help you do that.  According to the latest research, first impressions are actually formed within seconds of meeting a person. With this in mind, you’ll need to prepare not only what you’ll say during the interview, but how you’ll look. After all, confidence speaks volumes and it’s easy to be confident when we look our best. Here’s how to dress for a job interview. Follow this advice, and the person interviewing you will likely keep you around longer the hear more of what you have to say.

It’s better to dress up than to dress down. You can get a pretty good sense of a workplace’s culture (and, therefore, dress code) with a little research. Become well-versed with the company’s website. Look them up on Glassdoor where current and past employees have left reviews about what it’s like to work there. This should give you a sense of what you’ll wear on a daily basis. For the interview, take it up a notch. For some places, that may be business casual and for others, that may mean a suit. The main objective is to come off as a professional, credible, force to be reckoned with!

Keep it clean. Everything about your appearance should be clean, from your hair, to your nails, to your clothes, to your shoes. How much is riding on this job and how far are you traveling from home for the interview? You may want to bring a backup outfit just in case you spill coffee on yourself. Go the extra mile by getting a manicure, even if you don’t normally. You’ll be shaking a lot of hands on your big day. And don’t even think about showing up with wet hair! Do you really want to come off as a person with time management skills?

Fit to be fierce. If your clothes are too tight or too baggy, you automatically look like you don’t pay attention to details. Try everything on beforehand and take a good, honest look in the mirror. What messages are you sending? There should be no gaping buttons, no dragging pant legs, no extra-long sleeves, and no excessive cleavage. Nothing about your clothes should distract the person you’re meeting from your overall look. This includes making sure seems and hems are mended and that you aren’t missing any buttons.

Accessorize wisely. While you want to show your personality and individual style, you have to make sure no single thing is a distraction, so keep it simple. Once you get the job, you can add a little more flare (as long as you remain professional). We all have a dress code we have to adhere to during our nine to five that’s more toned down than our usual look. Don’t feel like you’re hiding who you are or selling out.

Your perfume shouldn’t enter the room before you do! Nor should it linger when you leave! Scents in confined workplaces can be a real turn-off, and some people are physically allergic. Just remember that Estée Lauder herself said fragrance should be an intimate experience; a person should have to come in close to smell you.

The Prado X3 professional steam iron will have you looking your best. I mean no one likes wrinkles in their clothing do they? I know I don’t. I have been using the Prado X3 for about 3 weeks and I have to say that I am really impressed. First of all this comes with pretty impressive packaging. This isn’t your run of the mill iron at all. It heats up super quickly, in about a minute and while I have had a few irons who would drip water when I’m ironing, this hasn’t done so. Their claim of anti-drip really is correct. Speaking of water, you can use tap water, no need for distilled but I still ended up using bottled water since we have very hard water here where I live. This has every feature that you can think of (vertical steam, steam burst, pivoting cord, stainless steel soleplate, anti-drop, anti-calcium, mist spray, continuous steam, 3-way safety auto shut off) and so much more.

Precision. Excellence. Simplicity. The Prado X3 isn’t just a clothing iron, it is the most important tool that you have when creating a crisp, clean look. Simple in operation, professional in performance, and excellent in results. There is no comparison.

I love the 2 year warranty on the Prado X3, it is actually the most I’ve ever gotten on an iron, and with kids around, you need all the warranty you can have. This is a professional grade iron without the professional grade price.  The Prado X3 professional steam iron will have you ready for your job interview looking spick and span. It will eliminate even the most stubborn wrinkles. No need to use a professional service when you have the Prado X3 at hand. So pick one up today and ace that interview!

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