How To Take Great Care Of Your Dog And Bond With Him Even More

Dogs are the most precious pets you could get. They are active, happy, loud and they love you to bits. Besides, who wouldn’t want the warmest welcome when they come home. While some owners have the best intentions, they might not be taking the best care of their dogs. This is why we’ve come up with some ways to help you take great care of your dog and bond with him even more. 

Bond With Your Dog

Spend quality time together

One of the best ways to bond with your dog even more and to take great care of him at the same time is to spend quality time together. While you may be tempted to stay in and watch a TV show cuddled up in bed with your dog, this might be doing more for you. This is not to say your dog won’t benefit from a round of cuddles, but your bond will improve more if you’re doing things outdoors that your dog prefers. Dogs, being mostly very active little things, enjoy chasing toys, sticks, or small animals outdoors. One great way to bond with them is to take them to a local park and play with them in the manner which you’ve noticed they like the most. Some dogs prefer to fetch either balls or sticks, some like to play tug-o-war, and others may enjoy more vigorous exercise. Whichever the case, make sure it’s the activity your dog loves.

With training 

While many may argue that obedience training may not be the most appropriate means to bond with your dog, many studies and experience in dog training have shown this to be completely inaccurate. Any kind of training, especially obedience training will help strengthen the bond with your dog. Ultimately, as the professionals over at Central Park Paws suggest, obedience training can guarantee their safety because you will be better able to control them when they are off-leash so they don’t get into trouble, for example. In addition to this, obedience training will set the base of the dynamics between you and your dog which is all the more important if your dog falls under the large breed category. Furthermore, it effectively builds better communication and therefore improves your bond. The more you train with them, the more bonded you can become. 

Focus on their mental health

One of the hallmarks of great mental health care for your pet includes training them, cuddling with them, and allowing them to play with other dogs and humans every day. We can’t stress enough how important it is to socialize your dog, especially when he’s still a pup. Proper socialization processes will make your pup less afraid of the world with other animals and humans in it. It will also guarantee he doesn’t end up depressed later in life, or that he doesn’t become aggressive towards other creatures. Socialization should be continued when the dog reaches adulthood too, as they are also very social creatures. Training them will also help keep them mentally healthy, and for some breeds which make good guard dogs, this is a necessity. Ultimately, cuddling with your dog will help strengthen your bond, and will make them much happier.

Signs of a strong bond

If you’ve managed to build a strong emotional connection with your dog you won’t be able to miss it! You can tell a lot about how connected they are to you by the way they act when you’re around like the light in their eyes, the way they wag their tail, and whether they run into you. In addition to this, a great teller of a good bond with your dog is the time when you come home. If they instantly brighten up, become animated and even vocalize their joy – have no worries, you’ve managed to improve your bond even more. Some additional signs of a strong bond are if they keep a lookout for you when they are off leas and frequently checking in to see where you are. Furthermore, if they perform obedience happily is also a good indication that you are well bonded, as well as their will to be physically close to you.

All of these tips are a great way to take better care of your dog and they guarantee you will bond with them even more. There are no special techniques and training measures involved, it’s simply spending quality time with your dog and doing things he or she likes. This may include toys or long walks, or sometimes cuddles on the couch. Be sure to have a variety of activities, and if you’re stuck, you can always consult the experts.

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