How Can a Press Release Help Your Small Business?

We are in an age of inbound marketing, but press releases are still something that can work well for your business. In fact, modern-day media releases are something that can help your business more than ever before. No matter what industry your business is in, having something like a press release can make such a difference as it can help to gain a wide range of coverage across different communities. 

Although many small businesses will think that they need to have a professional to write up their press releases, there are in fact a number of things that you can do yourself. If you have experience in content writing, then you can write up the content. Plus, if you have images or photographs for your business, you could use a TIFF file to PDF converter to input the images into a press release. In the day and age where content is king, having content through a press release can still be a good thing for your business.

How Press Release Help Small Business

PR and marketing tool

Having a press release that is well crafted, and distributed to relevant parties is a cost-effective way to do business and help your marketing effort. For startup businesses especially, it can be a vital tool. You don’t have to have anything particularly newsworthy either, but even talking about a new product or service that you have can be a good way to market the news. Think about the goals that you have in mind for the business and how you can share them with a wider audience; what will be relevant? It is a good tool to showcase what you do, something new, or even a launch event.

Improve your SEO

So much of what businesses do nowadays is online, and it can feel like so much that we do for businesses is about SEO. But there is a good reason why this is the case. SEO is much more than just keywords, but it can be anything from images, tags, content, citations, and links. Something like a press release can go a long way to help your search engine results and help your website to get seen. 

Boost your social media

Press releases are something that are widely seen on social media sites like Facebook and Twitter. If you look for specific hashtags and follow different business accounts, you are likely to see many press releases retweeted all the time. If you do this yourself, as a way to boost your social media and get your business name out there, you can drive website traffic from the social post and the press release, as well as use it as a way to generate some buzz around what you are doing. 

Don’t make the mistake of thinking that press releases are only for ‘newsworthy’ events or news for your business. You can create a press release around a number of things. Doing so can help your business in a number of ways, so it is something not to forget about. 

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