7 Hidden Attractions in Greater Sydney You Should Visit

Hidden Attractions in Greater Sydney

Deemed as one of the most sought travel destinations in the world, Sydney is truly a home to millions of local and international tourists. With its rich cultural heritage combined with the city’s stunning beaches, elegant gardens, wildlife encounters, unspoiled landscapes, and fascinating museums, every tourist will be captivated by Sydney’s diversity. Moreover, travelers never missed the opportunity of seeing several of its world-famous yet unique landmarks.

A lot of people flock to the city for adventure in the Sydney Opera House, the Harbour Bridge, Art Gallery New South Wales, among others. While the city is famous for these landmarks, there are plenty of hidden attractions that are worth seeing and revisiting. These essential recreational stops will surely saturate you with new perspectives as well as experiences. In addition to this, vacationists are also captivated by Sydney’s diverse cuisines. The city’s culinary spirit is evident in some of the best dining experiences in lane cove restaurants

1. Take A Stroll In The Observatory Hill

The Observatory Hill is one of the best places to experience a panoramic view of Sydney Harbour. Historically, the building was designed by Architect Alexander Dawson in 1958 and utilized sandstone to form the building in Italian style. Visitors to the observatory will be intrigued to use the Schmidt-Cassegrain telescope for a chance to observe the planets and stars. Observation of the night sky is allowed by the observatory during night tours. During the daytime, a guided tour in the museum allows you to see some of the first astronomical photographs of the southern sky taken by the 1874 refractor telescope. Moreover, the location of the observatory is just minutes away from Circular Quay. Hence, if you are an astronomy enthusiast, you might want to consider adding this place to your bucket list.

2. Bushwalk Around Lake Parramatta Reserve

Lake Parramatta Reserve is more than 70-hectare bushland, the perfect place to visit in the summer season. There are many things to do in Parramatta, among them taking a swim in the lake. The lake is open at the start of the summer season, with designated safe swimming areas for children and adults, at the same time, it is completely patrolled by lifeguards.  Parramatta Reserve is also the venue to go kayaking, canoeing, paddle boating, and even row boating. Another fun activity to do in Parramatta is to bushwalk around the lake or to enjoy a picnic with a sunny Aussie BBQ. Bushwalking can have many options too. You can choose from the three walking tracks, She-Oak track, Banksia track, and the 4.2km Lake Circuit track.  

3. Lane Cove National Park

This hidden attraction is one of the most favorite family getaways in Greater Sydney. With the bustling Sydney city life, the Lane Cove National Park is a true wonder to experience tranquillity as well as adventure for every visitor. From its many beautiful picnic spots to well-maintained camping sites,  Lane Cove is undoubtedly a place to reconsider.  If you are bringing your family for a weekend adventure treat, you will love Lane Cove’s bush trails, boating along the river, family camping, and cycling. Whether you are bushwalking or cycling in the park, you will see its beautiful wildlife, such as the wallabies, kookaburras, and lorikeets. Moreover, Lane Cove is also a place to go camping or glamping that offers luxurious nature cabin accommodations. The caravans are also equipped with a kitchen, recreation room, electric barbecues, and even laundry. For the hot summer season, a shaded poolside is installed in the caravan park campground.

4. Experience The Historic Shark Island

Shark Island is one of the most historic places in Sydney that is only accessible by boat. From Shark Island, you can see a 360-degree view of the beautiful and stunning Sydney Harbour. Although the place is now teeming with lush lawns and marine life, which are perfect for picnics or snorkeling,  Shark Island is renowned for its mystifying historic past. In the past, the place was used both as a recreation reserve and an animal quarantine station. However, as it became part of Sydney  Harbour National Park, thousands of people would visit the island on scheduled ferries trips. While on the island, you could explore its hidden grottos made by the early settlers, or go for a swim in its calm waters.

5. Auburn Botanical Garden

The Auburn Botanical Garden is a secluded place, covering nearly 10 hectares. The garden is filled with all kinds of flora and fauna, as well as peacocks and colorful geese. 

6. Laneway Bars

For the most part, the laneway bars have the best experience for a list of classy cocktail drinks. These bars are teeming with a huge variety of drinks such as whiskies that are either served in a classic vintage style bar or in a bar that has an authentic rock and roll vibe. 

7. Paddington Reservoir Gardens

The Paddington Reservoir Gardens showcases hanging gardens, water features, highway walks, and towering chambers that will mesmerize every visitor.

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