Grilled Blackened Mahi Mahi with a Spicy Mango Salsa – Recipe

With the 4th of July fast approaching, the grills are coming out in preparation for the BBQ’s and we have just the perfect recipe for your grill. Check out our Grilled Blackened Mahi Mahi with a Spicy Mango Salsa. You are just going to love it!

What you need:

⦁ 3-4 Fillets of Mahi Mahi

⦁ 1 Jalapeno

⦁ 1 Mango (peeled and cubed)

⦁ 1/3 cup of chopped cilantro 

⦁ 1 lime

⦁ 2 tablespoons of olive oil

⦁ 1/3 cup diced pineapple

⦁ 1 tablespoon of lemon juice

⦁ Garlic and Herb seasoning 

⦁ Blackened seasoning

What to do


1. Prepare salsa (up to a day or 2 in advance) by dicing the mango, pineapple, cilantro, and jalapeno. 

2. Mix it all together and add 1 tablespoon of olive oil.

3. Cut the lime in half and squeeze one half of the lime juice into the mixture. For more of a lime flavor, use the whole lime. 

4. Let the salsa chill and marinate for at least an hour.

5. When ready to cook the fish, place the salsa in a foil packet.


1. Brush the Mahi Mahi with olive oil (approximately 1 tablespoon) 

2. Then coat with lemon juice (fresh or store bought)

3. Sprinkle fillets with blackened seasoning (more or less to your liking)

4. Sprinkle fillets with a Garlic and Herb seasoning 

5. Let marinate for 15 minutes while you prepare the grill or other cooking method


1. Before lighting the grill, rub some olive oil on the grates to help prevent the fish from sticking

2. Light the grill and let it heat up to a medium heat

3. Place the foil packet with the salsa on the top rack of the grill or away from direct heat. (This will steam the salsa and soften the chopped jalapeno and release more flavors)

3. Grill the Mahi Mahi on one side for 5-7 minutes or until the center of the fillet turns white

4. Flip the Mahi Mahi and grill for another 5-7 minutes until cooked all the way through. The fish should have a flaky texture when cooked thoroughly.

5. When ready to serve, top with the Spicy Mango Salsa and enjoy!

Variations: Can serve with chilled salsa, just omit steaming the salsa on the grill. Also, can bake the Mahi Mahi in the oven.

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