Choose The Best Gift For The New Mom In Your Life With These 6 Great Gift Ideas

There’s nothing worse than putting in the effort to find something special and meaningful, only to find out that the recipient won’t ever use it, or even worse, someone has already bought them the same gift. This is a struggle for anyone who is buying a gift, but even more so for someone buying a gift for a new mom, as between baby showers and the nesting instinct, the majority of gift ideas are likely to have been accounted for already. When choosing the gift you are going to give, think a little outside the box and avoid the normal gifts like a plant or baby bottles. Having a baby means a big change to usual routines, so keep this in mind, and you will hit the gift buying jackpot! 

Gift Ideas For New Mums That Will Actually Get Used

At-Home Pampering Kit

Chances are the new mommy is busy and exhausted and in need of some me-time. A trip to the local beauty spa might not be on the cards any time soon, and any trip out is time away from their new-born, and with the recent coronavirus restrictions, could be off the cards altogether.  A great way to treat the new Mom at home is with a home pampering kit made up of her favorite treatments and wonderful smells, and the best bit is she doesn’t have to leave the house.

Matching Mommy and Baby Outfit

Most moms will be proud and want to show off the newest addition to the family, but again, due to restrictions on mixing households, this may be limited to a video call. For now, anyway. A great way to show off from the comfort of their own home is with a matching Mommy and Baby garment set, which you can have personalized with imagery or words from custom clothing manufacturers like Banana Moon Clothing. This is a perfect gift idea if you want to give something truly unique and sentimental.

Box of Treats

Certain treats may have been off-limits, unavailable, or become a staple food thanks to the cravings during pregnancy. If this is the case with the new Mom in your life you can treat her with a hamper full of her favorite treats and guilty pleasures! A boozy hamper may not be the best solution for this scenario, but a little tipple will always make a special treat.

A Lost Pleasure

If you are buying a gift for a mother that has just had a baby, then you might want to think about buying a taste of something that they may have missed while pregnant. You’ll just need to check whether they are going to breastfeed. If they’re not then there are some great gifts for bourbon lovers that could be fantastic. Alternatively, you can also find some lovely non-alcoholic beverage gifts too. 

TV on Demand

Having a baby means a few things, and one of those is that sleeping will become a luxury, opposed to a necessity, and when sleep is available, it is likely to be broken and set to no routine. A tv on-demand service can make a great gift for a new mum as the on-demand feature means it’s ready when she is, so those sleepless nights trying to get the baby to sleep can be filled with gripping TV series and also gives a chance to catch up on anything missed throughout pregnancy. These services are a great gift for both Mom and baby; as the baby gets older, the on-demand kids’ TV can keep the young one entertained, giving Mom a chance to put her feet up briefly.

Sleep Kit

If your new Mom is lucky, and sleep is on the cards, give her all the help possible to get a great night’s sleep. Putting together a sleep kit made up of an eye mask, earplugs, and essential oils to create an alluring fragrance that will help her drift off will leave her feeling refreshed and revitalized, ready to give the new baby all the attention they need.

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