Follow Your Passion and Do What You Love to Do!

They say that:

Life is what you make it.

However, life can get in the way of what you truly love doing, and that something is different for everyone. Whether it is dancing, cooking, or even swimming. Take my life for example. I grew up in the Caribbean, enjoying the view of lush mountains, beautiful sunshine and the stunning beaches where you can see your toes in the water. My mom was an amazing cook and I would copy her every move in the kitchen. I was recently talking to my brother of how we would have three square meals daily. Breakfast would be done before 7am and lunch by 12pm. Dinner was also on the table well before 6pm. Because of my mother, I grew up loving to be in the kitchen, cooking and baking right alongside her. While I loved cooking, my true passion was writing. I was a whiz at English both in high school and college, and was told often enough that I just had a way with words.

After migrating to the U.S., I have to admit that the fast life of living in New York City made me rather lazy. It was easy for me to order take out than cook. I would head to work, come home, read a book and order take out for dinner. While there were times that I would cook a full meal, it was few and far in-between.

Fast forward to today. It took the death of my dad for me to rediscover my passions all again. While grieving my dad, my therapist recommended me starting a journal and this is how this little part of the blogosphere was born. Instead of me journaling in a book, I decided to start a blog. Now this blog has become my way to share with the world my life story and my passions. You can read my words; view my very simple recipes that I make for my family.

I’ve always wondered, why didn’t I follow my passions long before now? What was stopping me? And I came to the realization that the only person who stopped me was me!

So I’m here to say:

Stop being the person holding you back from following your passions. Do what you’ve always been inspired to do. Take that first step and just do it!

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